Who is the Self Defense Company? – The Self Defense Company

Who is the Self Defense Company?

Who is the Self Defense Company?

“People Don’t Join The Self Defense Company Because We’re Different…They Join Us Because They Are…”

Above is a picture of Self Defense Company Instructor Mario Karam teaching a group of Special Forces Soldiers The Self Defense Training System (SDTS) Combatives Program in Lebanon. Now as you can imagine, Mario is not your average person…but he’s not alone.

For some reason we attract people just like Mario who have extensive real-world experience when dealing with real violence. Above all other tactical programs, they choose the Self Defense Company — some say it’s because we’re different…we say it’s because they are.


Instructor Mario Karam – Beirut, Lebanon 

  • Level 4 Self Defense Company Instructor Instructor
  • Former U.S. Department of State contractor (DSS)
  • Former AUB (American University of Beirut) Coach
  • Former LAU CE (Lebanese American University Continuing Education)  Instructor
  • 2nd Degree Black Belt in Military Combatives
  • Tactical Emergency Medical Responder
  • Security Forces & Close Protection Specialist
  • Certified Firearms Instructor
  • Guardian Defensive Tactics Police/Security
  • Certified Personal Trainer
  • Certified Lifeguard

Instructor George Hutchings – Barrie, Ontario CANADA

  • Level 5 Self Defense Company Instructor Instructor
  • Director of Instructor Development
  • Black Belt and Krav Maga certified instructor
  • Black Belt in Kickboxing
  • Muay Thai instructor

Instructor Kip Marsh – Marshfield, Missouri

  • Level 3 Self Defense Company Instructor Instructor
  • Former U.S. Marine

  • Paramedic

  • Nurse Practitioner

  • 3rd Degree Black Belt in Kenpo
  • Deployed to Kosovo,  Liberia, Afghanistan and Iraq for over 10 years

Instructor Jim Nichols – Winchester, Ohio

  • Level 5 Self Defense Company Instructor
  • Second degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do
  • Black Belt in Chinese Kung fu.
  • Army Combat Infantryman for 3 years
  • 10 years in the Ohio Reserves

Instructor Nick Palumbo

  • Level 5 Self Defense Company Instructor 
  • Law Enforcement Officer (ret.)
  • Defensive Tactics Instructor for Law Enforcement
  • Black Belt Aikido
  • Brown Belt Judo
  • Certified Personal Trainer
  • Strength Specialist
  • Sports Nutritionist

Instructor Steve Drake – The Hague, Netherlands

  • Level 5 Self Defense Company Instructor
  • Over 10 years with The Self Defense Company
  • Black Belt Karate
  • Black Belt Jujitsu
  • Instructor Punishment and Corrections Centre in Abu Dhabi
  • Instructor Security Industry Authority in the United Kingdom

Instructor Darren Poesel

  • Level 5 Self Defense Company Instructor
  • USMC Lt. Col. (ret)
  • Senior Advisor Blackwater
  • Senior Intelligence Analyst 
  • Infantry Intelligence Officer

Instructor O.K. Neal – Burleson, Texas

  • Self Defense Company Instructor
  • 36 years in law enforcement
  • Defensive Tactics Instructor
  • Martial Arts Experience

Instructor Bry Galganski – Frankenmuth, Michigan

  • Level 2 Self Defense Company Instructor
  • Former law enforcement

Instructor K. Wayne Neil – Las Vegas, Nevada

  • Self Defense Company Instructor
  • DHS Armed Handgun Training
  • Certified in First Aid and CPR
  • Security Officer Registration Act (S.O.R.A.)  Certified
  • Class D and G Security and Firearms  Certification, Nevada, Florida, California and Virginia.
  • Firearms training
  • MEB Baton Training
  • Loss prevention trainer
  • Interrogation techniques
  • Investigations expert
  • Behavioral intervention specialist

Instructor Delmus Pinkston – Root, Switzerland 

  • Self Defense Company Instructor
  • Army Reserves at 17 years old, Fort Benning, Georgia
  • 2nd best hand combatant in the Battalion.
  • Graduated from Carlisle High School PA, 1986
  • Full time Army soldier in 1987.
  • Stationed in Gelnhausen, Germany 1988-1990
  • Honorable Discharge June 1990
  • Chief of Security from 1995 – 2000 in the Largest Disco Night Club in Switzerland at the time.
  • Managed 6 other night clubs, bars and hotel
  • In charge of the training of all the security personnel.
  • Over 400 real life confrontations
  • Head of Security at Private School

Instructor Dennis Daroczy

  • Self Defense Company Instructor Level 5
  • Owner Urban Survival, LLC
  • Counter Terrorism Instructor
  • Commercial Pilot
  • SEAL Team  Operator  and Trainer US NAVY 

I’ll Stop here – but these are just a few of the special people who chose to become Self Defense Company Instructors who are currently teaching the SDTS…oh and did I mention you can even train with them live, online? Book your intro lesson HERE <<<


Belts and trophies are great- fighting in the UFC is tough — but facing real-world violence when your older, injured, tired, out armed, and outnumbered takes a special set of skills that these folks know all too well. It’s been our honor and privilege to have these people on the Self Defense Company Team.

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  • ​Methods of Asphyxiation: Combative attacks to the target’s airway.
  • ​Blood Organ Disruption: Techniques that rupture blood saturated organs causing severe drop in blood pressure, internal bleeding and death.
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Published by Damian (Instructor)

Founder, The Self Defense Company

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  1. So Who is the Self Defense Company?

    The Self Defense Company is an organization that is expanding globally with independent instructors joining the company every day from all over the world.

    Most of our instructors start out as students and work their way up to the level where they feel comfortable enough that they decide to take the concepts taught in our close combat self-defense techniques to the next level and join the company as an independent instructor.

    But although these independent instructors are in business for themselves they are NEVER in business by themselves. Each instructor has an Instructor mentor that has been where they are, to help them build their business from the ground up.

    So, if you are a current student that is looking for a new, exciting career as a Self Defense Company instructor then we can help you to get going with the WORLD LEADER in CLOSE COMBAT SELF DEFENSE training.

    https://goo.gl/ix27o9 Check it out Today for a better tomorrow

    The Self Defense Company of Greater Boston

  2. This is such a great opportunity for me and for those who come and train with and learn with me, this very straight forward and effective system. The support I get as an Instructor is awesome and the people are great. Looking to grow here in Switzerland and give people the ability to protect themselves and their families with confidence.

    Self Defense Company Switzerland

  3. World Leader in Self Defense.

    This systematic approach is the best solution, to real world violence, that gives you the best chance in the shortest amount of time for surviving violent encounters.

    I am honored to be ranked amongst these great instructors that possess such a wealth of knowledge and experience.

    The Self Defense Training System is the most versatile system in its ability to conform to your lifestyle and personal needs. Whether you are an elite SOF (Special Operations Forces) soldier, or the busy single mother of three with half an hour a week to train, we as instructors are very capable of meeting and exceeding your expectations for your personal defense needs.


    ~Instructor Nate

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