You Can Do Better

You Can Do Better

“If you want something other people don’t have you must be willing to do what other people won’t.”

Every week I get messages from people with a litany of excuses as to why they can’t learn to defend themselves – from the financial to the physical and to that I call BULLSHIT. 

I don’t care HOW BAD you think your situation is…YOU CAN DO BETTER. 

If someone gave you one year to do twenty pull ups you probably couldn’t do it. 

But if someone gave you that same year and added a $100,000.00 bonus – I bet you would find a way.

The point is this, when properly motivated – YOU CAN DO ANYTHING. 

If you approached everything you wanted with a REAL do or die attitude. I would bet my bottom dollar that you would be successful in ANYTHING you wanted to do. 

Your WILL and your potential are boundless. 

The only person who sets limits on you…IS YOU. 

Did you ever hear of Nick Vujicic?

This guys FINDS A WAY. 

Check him out…

There are people ALL AROUND YOU who are overcoming incredible set backs – some are literally staring death in the face…and the difference between YOU and THEM is that they don’t let their circumstances define them.

THEY FIND A WAY…. as if their lives depends on it…because it does. 

It doesn’t matter if it’s defending yourself or running your business or finding a job. You must pursue what you want with unrelenting persistence. 

Think life is always easy for me???

In high school I was a highly recruited two sport athlete. In my final game of my senior year I tore ligaments in my knee. No scholarship for me. 

Later my wife an I lost our first baby at 6 months. 

Then my business partner tried to ruin my reputation and literally stole 1.2 million dollars. 

I went from making A LOT to ZERO in one day. 

But through all of those situations I became a stronger and better person. 

When I blew out my knee I was forced to look at other athletic and academic challenges and turned to martial arts. 

After we lost the baby my wife and I became closer and better understanding people. 

When my business partner and I split, I launched the Self Defense Company with my wife and now live a better and more productive life. 

But those are just the highlights because EVERY DAY I fight. 

With every new setback lies a challenge and in that challenge is an opportunity to test myself and get better. 

Every failure is teaching you something and if you bitch and complain about it – you’re just wasting your time. 

My favorite motto from Judo is “Fall Seven Times, Get Up Eight”. 

It doesn’t matter how many times you get knocked down – it only matters how many times you GET UP!

Don’t you want to INSPIRE people?

When you complain about how bad you have it you should know two things: 

  1. There are people around you who have it much worse. 
  2. Deep down, no one really gives a shit about your problems – in fact, many people like to hear that you’re doing poorly – it makes them feel better about themselves. 

Every day you have a choice – make your life better or make it worse.

FIND A WAY – You can do better.

Train Honestly, 


Published by theselfdefenseco

Founder, The Self Defense Company

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  1. Another great article Mr Ross Nick Vujicic is definitely a inspiration.
    Keep up the good work. 1.2 million dollars. Man I about cried when I lost 20 dollars in a raffle.

    1. Hey – enjoy your birthday and I’m always reminded to look at what I have, not what I don’t have. It’s tougher when you get to a certain age – you’re not alone Dave.

  2. My Dad used to say, “Don’t complain….50% of people don’t care and the other half think you deserve it.” Great article and video.

  3. Damian,

    Truer words were never spoken. A good friend of mine once said that every day was a good day, well one day I challenged his thinking because at that time in my life I was facing what some may have considered unbeatable odds. Well, he looked me straight in the eye when I told him that was all wishy-washy bullshit, and said, if you don’t believe that every day is a good day, try missing one.

    I have spent the majority of my life studying and learning, it didn’t matter to me what I was studying as long as I was learning about something I enjoyed, and have enjoyed that experience, for the most part, having enjoyed a teaching career that has spanned almost 20 years and added more accomplishment notches on my belt along the way including a Ph.D.

    Now that degree didn’t mean I was smarter than other people, just meant I had a specific field of knowledge, but I learned a great lesson from one of my students years ago, and have lived my life by it ever since. This kid is what I call a Good Finder, and he had one of the most positive attitudes towards life. One day he and I were chatting after a class, I had made mention of a life issue I was griping and complaining about, he asked me if he could talk to me as the class ended. Of course, I agreed.

    He said to me “Carl, you seem a bit perplexed…Can I share something with you?” Well, how could I argue with that type of beginning from a 16-year-old? He went on to say, “whatever it is that is bothering you, is it really worth worrying about? Can you look deep inside the situation and find something good in it. Every gray cloud has a silver lining, there is something good in everything, even the worst of situations. Even a broken wristwatch is right twice a day.”

    That day my attitude toward life changed and I went from teacher to student. Again it didn’t matter what I was learning or from who, all that mattered was that I just kept on learning.

    Dr. Carl Welliver

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