Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions – The Self Defense Company

Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions

As a Self Defense Company Affiliate you have limited permission to promote Self Defense Company (SDC) Programs in exchange for commission on sales. You are not an employee or official representative. Your privilege to promote can be revoked at any time if you mis-represent the brand by making false claims or promoting it in a manner that is unfitting for the brand.

Commissions are paid through PayPal unless otherwise specified agreed upon with the SDC. You can contact us to request other arrangements by emailing

Commissions are paid the first week of each month.

Commissions are re-claimed if not collected within 3 months of payment – for example, we send you a PayPal payment – you do not collect it if 3 months, PayPal will automatically send the money back to us.

Minimum payout is $25.00.

The SDC Affiliate Program is a multi-level commission platform. You will receive commission from any other affiliate you refer.

Commission on items:

Training Programs (one time charges including Operation Phoenix and Defendu)

Level 1 40%
Level 2 10%
Level 3 5%
Level 4 2%

Memberships (Elite, Gold and Bronze and Instructor Program)

Level 1 35%
Level 2 5%
Level 3 3%
Level 4 1%

Live Training (SDC Instructors ONLY – all Lessons and Certifications)

Level 1 50%
Level 2 10%
Level 3 5%
Level 4 2%

Note – terms are subject to change at anytime. The Self Defense Company shall be held harmless if any affiliate misrepresents the SDC Brand and or programs.