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The following common issues can be solved very quickly.

The platform works best on Google Chrome and Firefox. Please make sure they’re up to date and your browser history and cache are cleared on a regular basis.

*IMPORTANT – If you log in and are re-routed to a “sales page” you need to enable cookies on your browser.

You’re not getting ripped off – the site just doesn’t recognize you.

The site needs to remember who you are, so if your cookies are blocked, it won’t recognize you. So enable cookies or return your browser to its DEFAULT settings.

Did Not Receive Your Username and Password

  1. Check your junk mail for your log in credentials.
  2. Create a new password with your email on the log in page.
    There’s a chance you might already be registered in the system, we’ve been doing this since 2007.
  3. If neither works,  you may have entered your email incorrectly when you ordered.
    In that case email Please allow one business day for response.

Can’t Not Log in or Access Programs

  1. Log out, clear your browser history and cache and log back in. This solves 99% of all issues.
  2. After you log in click COURSES on the top menu.
    You should see your profile and the course icons with ACCESS NOW on you unlocked program (s).
  3. Is your membership current?
    To check status email Please allow one business day for response.

Videos Not Playing or Video Quality Low

Our videos are hosted securely on VIMEO to ensure the best possible delivery.  This is a robust platform like youtube, however quality may vary due to your local server traffic. Like all on-demand video platforms, lower quality video will be delivered if your local internet traffic is heavy. You could also be watching some of our archive videos, in that case, we can’t improve the quality.

If the videos aren’t playing, please make sure your video player on your browser is up to date.

Billing Order and Membership Inquiries 

Please email Please allow one business day for response.

Customer Service usually responds in one business day or sooner. Email is the fastest way to get a response.

Thank you for being a Self Defense Company Legion Member.