Self Defense Training Classes

The Self Defense Company

60 Minute Self Defense

Discover What Martial Arts Don’t Teach – Self Defense Starts Here.

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The Self Defense Training Systemâ„¢

The Ultimate Self Defense Program with Over 600 Lessons and Drills with Live Expert Instruction.

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Combatives Fast Course

Mission Critical Defensive Tactics for Experienced Operators.

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Police Training Pack

Critical Non-Lethal Use of Force Training for Police and Security.

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Guardian Weapon Retention

Guardian Weapon Retention

Maintain Complete Control Over Your Firearm in Any Close Combat Situation.

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reality check self defense course

Reality Check

Nine Simple (and effective) Defenses for Nine Common Attacks.

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Instructors at The Self Defense Co.

Instructor Program

Become a Certified Self Defense Company Instructor and Turn Your Passion into Profit.

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self defense

Live Online Private Lessons

Train from home with a Certified Expert Instructor.

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World War 2 Defendu Self Defense Training Course

World War 2 Defendu

Discover The System That Launched Reality Self Defense.

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Family Safe Self Defense Training Course

Family Safe

Give Your Kids the Street Smarts to Survive Adult and Familiar Predators (ages 5 to 12).

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Protector Self Defense Training Course


Understand and assist police with verbal de-escalation, situation control, arrest, cuffing and weapon retention.

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Knuckle Duster

The complete guide to Brass Knuckles, Fist Packs and Black Jacks.

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Awareness course Self Defense Training

Self Defense Seminars

In person and online self defense seminars from 1 to 1,000 attendees.

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Fast Course Self Defense Training

One Shot Fight Enders

Only COMBAT proven strikes that will STOP your attacker DEAD in his tracks.

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Free Lesson Self Defense Training Course

Free Combatives Course

Draw First Blood with a FREE Combatives Course.

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