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Bodyguard Body Armor






You will earn a flat commission of $40 per jacket and $40 per backpack. We ship anywhere in the world (mostly). Let’s put it this way, the factory is in Israel and if it’s a country that’s not in good standing with Israel…they’re probably not going to ship it there :).

Past Performance – Generates between $1.63 and $2.31 income per click


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Training Programs

The Partner Program features a multilevel commission program on all Training Programs. Meaning you will get commission on every sale of people you refer.

Video Training Programs pay 50% 

SDTS Training Memberships pay 40%

If you need further help, email 

Tracking sales – you need to have your client order through YOUR specific tracking link. If not, you will NOT receive credit.

Past Performance 

Operation Phoenix 2.5% conversion (highest at $1.29 EPC)

Fast Course 3.1% conversion

Guardian Weapon Retention 2.8% conversion

SDTS Memberships 2.6%

Reality Check Women’s Self Defense 1.9%

World War 2 Defendu (NEW) <<<Great potential 

Free Combatives Course (NEW)

All Programs lead into an SDTS Membership Elite Up Sell for $1 then after the trial it’s 4 payments of $97 (down sell to $1 for Bronze to $47)

25% of the people take the up sell to ELITE and 75% of them stay on.

If they don’t purchase they will be prompted once inside the training platform. The will also be given the opportunity to sign up for monthly subscriptions.

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