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Payments are made during the first week of the month through PAYPAL.
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You will earn 40% on ALL  programs.

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Men's Training Programs

Fast Course

Email Swipe: Protectors Wanted HERE<<<

Email Swipe: Why your grandad was so tough <<<

Fast Course Grappling NEW <<< 

Email Swipe: Why you should NEVER grapple in the street


One Shot Fight Enders

Operation Phoenix (Science of Killing)

Women's Training Programs

Aware Course

60 Minute Self Defense Women's Training Pack

The Strategy...

Post and talk about the system. You can use copy from any of the sales pages and content from any SDC social media or blog. Feel free to dig in, there's a lot.

The intro courses are the FAST COURSE for men and the AWARE COURSE for women. They're only $14 and are a great way for people to take the next step. The next step up are the advanced courses listed here. This will take them through a natural progression of growth based on comfort.