Core Combat Webinar

How to End the fight BEFORE it starts.
Discover how to avoid the mistake 99% of all self defense systems make - TRAINING TO WAIT. 

In this webinar we take a deep dive in to the primary driving force behind, not just the Self Defense Training System, but ALL street violence. Discover the secret why criminals and smart street fighters will DESTROY a traditionally trained fighter and win the fight before the first punch is ever thrown.

The Core Combat Webinar is $97
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This webinar is part training session, part discussion and fully interactive. Train along with us, ask questions and get answers. Then come back and watch the recorded session as many times as you want. If you miss the webinar - don't worry, your registration today secures you full, on-demand access to the recorded video and you can STILL post your questions and comments for a quick response.

*NOTE - previous training in these areas is NOT mandatory.

For further study of the methods discussed in please reference

SDTS Module 1: Essential Self Defense

  • Unit 3 Target Areas
  • Unit 4 Position and Distance
  • Unit 5 Momentum
  • Unit 6 Position of Advantage
  • Unit 7 Hand Position
  • Unit 8 Position Distance and Momentum
  • Unit 10 The Drop Step
  • Unit 12 Short Edge of Hand
  • Unit 14 Long Edge of Hand
  • Unit 17 Vertical Edge of Hand
  • Unit 18 Three Count Chop Drill
  • Unit 19 Knee Strike
  • Unit 20 Shoulder Stop
  • Unit 23 Heel of Hand Strike
  • Unit 25 The Chin Jab
  • Unit 26 Chin Jab with Eye Gouge
  • Unit 28 Chin Jab with Post
  • Unit 29 Chin Jab with Knee

Train Honestly,
Damian Ross
Founder, The Self Defense Company

The Core Combat Webinar is $97
Only $28 until the clock hits 0:00

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