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The Self Defense Training System™
 eliminates all of the SPORT and CEREMONY of the martial arts giving  you  mission critical self defense through unlimited access to on demand videos and private instruction from certified, black belt level instructors.

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Beginner Program

  • Private Legion Community
  • SDTS Basic Modules 1-3
  • A.W.A.R.E Course
  • Family Safe Program
  • Reality Check Program
  • Library
  • 24-7 Instructor Support
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After 7 days it’s only $9 per month.

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Intermediate Program

  • All of the Programs in Bronze Plus:
  • SDTS Basic and Advanced Modules 1-7
  • ​60 Minute Self Defense Program
  • Guardian Weapon Retention System
  • Combatives FAST COURSE
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After 7 days it’s only $19 per month.

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Advanced Program

  • All of the programs in Bronze and Gold Plus
  • All 12 SDTS Modules – Basic, Advanced and Black Ops Modules
  • Guardian Police Combatives (full course)
  • Elite Members Only Work Out of the Week
  • $600 in Bonus Training Programs
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save another 10% with annual payments.

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