Discover The Most Effective Defenses to the Nine Most Common Attacks on Women & and Female College Students.

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FACT: The vast majority of violent crimes are committed against women by men – this is why The Reality Check Women’s Self Defense Program only uses methods that are proven to work against much BIGGER and STRONGER attackers.

HERE’S EXACTLY WHAT YOU get in the REALITY CHECK On Demand Video Program:

  • Escape a Ground Pin (Date Rape Defense)
  • Defend Against a Road Rage Attack (Head Lock Defense)
  • How to Survive an Empty Parking Lot (Grab Defense)
  • Prison Style Knife Attack (Knife Attack at Work)
  • Defense Against a Sucker Punch (Junkie Assault)
  • Defense Against Multiple Attackers (Gang Attack)
  • Defense Against a Gun (Car Jacking)
  • Defense Against a Knife to your Throat (Stairwell Mugging)
  • Improvised Weapons (Umbrella Defense)

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Reality Check uses techniques and tactics from The Self Defense Training System™, a method of close combat with over a century of success in helping people defend and protect. These methods were taught to Commandos and Espionage Operatives and were designed so a smaller, weaker person could defeat a much larger and stronger attacker. This method of self defense was almost lost, but luckily it was kept alive in secret circles by men and women whose primary vocation was dealing with violence.

Self Defense Company Founders, Angela and Damian Ross, were invited into one of these “secret circles” and after a decade of research and development, created The Self Defense Training System and Reality Check is a perfect place to start.

Learn a lot and love it, or your money back!

Remember self defense isn’t a style or a sport, it’s an instinct; all you need to know is how to unlock it.  The good news is, this is easy to do with Reality Check. Because of its simplicity and common sense approach this is a “learn it now, and use it tonight” system and if you’re not 100% satisfied with Reality Check, just email us within 30 days of purchase and we’ll give you your money back.

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