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4 People Killed in “Mass Shooting”….let’s see how the press skews it…

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      Winnipeg police have identified the four people killed in a shooting in the city’s West Broadway neighbourhood that happened early Sunday morning. Crystal Shannon Beardy, 34, Stephanie Amanda Beardy, 33, Melelek Leseri Lesikel, 29, and Dylan Maxwell Lavalee, 41, died after being shot on Langside Street.

      Truth is, most “mass shootings” reporting are gang related. Still tragic, of course, but it’s the truth. The press reports on these like they happen in your “average neighborhood” and fuel the gun control/gun violence agenda.

      1. West Broadway is NOT A NICE place…it has an “F” on AREA VIBES (F doesn’t stand for FABULOUS) https://www.areavibes.com/winnipeg-mb/west+broadway/crime/

      2. What time “Sunday Morning”? It makes it seem like they’re going to church. Early Sunday Morning could mean – 12am to 4am. So it could have been an all night rager.

      3. Was the weapon legally registered…well, given Canadian carry laws and ban on handguns…I’m guessing no.

      As the press continues to modify stories and push an agenda – it turns our focus away from the actual problem – making these neighborhoods safer for the la abiding citizens that live there.

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      That really sucks, but you make some good points. When I was a teenager I lived in one of the highest gang concentrated areas in all of California (sandwiched right between Long Beach and Compton). You mentioned location first. Yeah, I knew where the “safer” and “dangerous” parts were. There were places I didn’t go even during the day. Your second point, time is also crucial. I went to less places as the time got later.

      There were many times when friends would say “man, I almost got knifed/shot/etc last night!” My response would always be first, “where were you?” and then depending on that “at what time?”. 100% I would conclude “you were in x at y time, of course you almost got xyz-ed”, to which they usually responded “yeah, you’re right. That was dumb”.

      Awareness, awareness, awareness… and then not putting yourself or others in bad situations!

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