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A Real American Hero

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      May 20, 2010

      From the Desk of Damian Ross, CEO, The Self Defense Company,

      Dear firstname,

      We get thousands of responses each year about people singing the
      praises of The Self Defense Training System
      (https://www.theselfdefenseco.com). Concerned citizens, martial
      artists, cops and soldiers can’t wait to tell us how incredible
      this program is. But every once in a while, I get an email that
      stands out above the rest.

      This one comes from John Poerstel. John’s a West Point Graduate
      and above that he’s a Special Forces operator currently deployed
      in the middle east. He has received the best training this
      country has to offer. He is the BEST OF THE BEST and this is what
      he has to say about The Self Defense Training System:

      “”The training and teaching techniques embedded in The Self
      Defense Training System are the most intuitive I’ve ever
      experienced in my 15 years of professional military, federal and
      private sector work. I speak from experience, having been trained
      in combatives with special forces, UFC, Krav Maga and a lifetime
      of wrestling. I highly recommend The Self Defense Training System
      for anyone regardless of experience. It’s not what you know, it’s
      how you apply it.”

      -John Poerstel (Contractor, U.S. Department of State)
      US Army Captain, Airborne, SFAS graduate, certified Level II
      combatives,high school wrestling champion, West Point Graduate

      Those of you in the program already know, those of you not yet
      enrolled, now is the time. To take advantage of special pricing
      on The Self Defense Training System NOW go to

      Hey, don’t take my word for it, try it for free now

      Here’s to the GOOD GUYS!
      Damian Ross
      CEO, The Self Defense Company

      PS. 325,450 SDTS members already know what John is talking
      about…you should too https://www.theselfdefenseco.com

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