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Another reason why it needs to be done quick!

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      You know: Fear, ego and lack of continued training leads to this.

      Also, when you give a command you have to be prepared for the proverbial “Go fuck yourself.” Every command you give needs to have a what if plan.

      After the initial F-U, the crowd gathers and the cell phones start recording.

      When the officer ordered them to the car, maybe he should have called for assistance. I know he would have got his balls busted for “assistance” with two teenage girls, but their reaction might have been different with two or three more uni’s.

      Yes, it’s over jaywalking, but I am a firm believer in “broken window, broken neighborhood.” Take care of jaywalking now so you don’t have to take care of drug dealing later.

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      Another thing…why aren’t more people helping the police? A few people pulled the other girl away, but damn, there is CLEARLY police prejudice. Yes, he shouldn’t have used an over hand right but…those twisty wrist moves didn’t work too well on a teenage girl.

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