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      Lessons learned?
      There have been thousands of student arrests this past week over dozens of campuses. Look, I understand the need to protest, even if you don’t know WTF you’re even protesting about. You’re young…I get it…I have two kids and college and to be honest…THAY ARE WAY TOO FUCKING BUSY to protest.

      IDK. It’s just how it worked out. My kids have other things to do…I’m sure if it were a REAL issue that they felt strongly about they would. Heck, my daughter is at an ART SCHOOL in the heart of darkness (Kalifornia) and protesting the war in Israel is the farthest thing from her mind.

      What would I do if it were my kids – IDK. The Archie Bunker in me would…umm…STOP paying for school…yet my inner lefty (yeah…I got some) would want them to exercise their right to free speech and assembly…HOWEVER…once they break the law…we have a problem. Obviously each situation warrants an appropriate response…but I’m just glad…my kids don’t really do that shit.

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      Today, wanting people to exercise their freedoms is a conservative trait now… not sure you have any inner lefty left. If you do, it probably just makes you a moderate independent, which is actually “normal” 😆.

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      LOL – right…I mean…now anti-government…freedom of speech, ant-big business…that’s conservative??? I’m so confused.
      Fuck who you want…IDC…leave my guns, speech and kids alone. Let’s start there.

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        The Bill of Rights is where it should start and end. I love that we have a “living” document because there were necessary changes that have had to be made (like emancipation and women’s rights), but every change should see how it fits with the BoR. Every new thing should be tested to the BoR. To steal a phrase from the post office, “if it fits, it ships”. If it doesn’t then it’s a no go.

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      BTW…LGBTQ for Palestine…can’t be real.

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        All of these alt left organizations lead back to Marxist groups. It’s real in that they are playing their socialist revolution games. There is literally a play book, and we’ve been in it deep for so many decades now. When I was working on my Military History and Irregular Warfare degrees literally every day I could compare past events to “today” and point out every step of the playbook.

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        Look, one could make an argument that emancipation and women’s right were actually a better interpretation “the people”. And yes, while certain amendments are needed…the term “living” makes my a-hole pucker because it feels like you can change it to meet your needs… which, well…you know where that goes.

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        Yup, I’ve seen that interview a few times.

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