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      John Cannon

      What are people’s thoughts about using the Collapsible Bo for Self-Defense?
      (I supply links below. They are not affiliate links.)

      Here’s a link to the only company that sells it with a description:

      Collapsible Bo Carrying Case:

      Here a video demonstration of it’s ability to destroy things:

      I recognize that I am being silly in that I just LOVE that thing and I want to make it apart of my self-defense training.

      One of the biggest objections to using it is it would be a pain in the butt to carry. While I haven’t purchased it, yet, I personally would be willing carry it with me on my back strapped around my shoulder since it’s only 22 inches. However, it’s entirely possible that I’ll change my mind after lugging it around with me for a while.

      After watching the Close Combat Club videos, it has even more potential uses that I even imagined. One can start off using it for close combat club strikes and then easily move into using it for striking as a Collapsible Batton at further distances and/or multiple attackers.

      Being 5’4″ tall, I love having that extra reach available to me.

      While I have a boy like crush on this thing, the adult in me is genuinely evaluating whether I can use this for real life violence, before I let my wife buy it for me for a Christmas present. So far, I can see it working out really well for me.

      What are your thoughts?

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      Well, you[re right, the video is entertaining and anything that is spring loaded and snaps out is cool as hell.

      But that being said, you’re observations are correct – you will get more use out of it CLOSED than you would open and lugging it around becomes a pain in the ass for sure.

      To that end…you’re better off with a lead pipe – because RANGE and mobility become an issue as your target gets close to you.

      When they’re inside the ends of the extended staff, you’re really only limited to cross bar smashes and butt strikes are not going to work.

      Look, if you want it – get it and play around with it. What the heck.

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      John Cannon

      So, for practical purposes, if I were going to carry something around with me, I’d be better off carrying around a lead pipe around my shoulder than the Collapsible Bo.

      Honestly, I will actually consider it. Being able to have the reach and mobility to beat the shit out of someone who threatens my family may be worth lugging it around with me. It will just be my duty as a husband/father to make sure I have the weapons I need to make it easy to defend my family.

      I already carry around a little noise alarm with me in my left hand, most of the time, and it’s worth it to me.

      The peace of mind I will get from carrying the weapons I want is at least worth the try to make it a habit.

      I appreciate the insight.

      The Collapsible Bo can be something I play with at home.

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      Right…and the lead pipe is probably cheaper than the bo…and besides, never go into battle with something you haven’t tested.

      When you get a new weapon – test it on your dummy or heavy bag – edged weapons…get out the cardboard.

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      John Cannon

      I’ll do that. I’ll make the lead pipe and knife something that I train with on a weekly basis with your videos.

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