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Fitness: A Simple Solution For All Ages

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      My pediatrician is from the “old school” direct from Moscow. The reason we chose here is because of her holistic approach. Our kids have been on antibiotics twice in their 10 years of life (one is 4 and the other is 6). In our few conversations we always get to talking about lifestyle and fitness. One time she mentioned that families in Russia are starting to keep exercise apparatus in their homes. While this isn’t unusual, what is unusual is where they keep it.

      The latest trend is to keep the equipment where you live. In your living room or den. This way you just jump on the equipment (trampoline, gymnastic rings, low balance beam, pull up bar, etc.) whenever you get the urge. I though it interesting because it places a “matter of fact importance” on training rather than the ritualistic life style change we put on it normally.

      We go to the gym, we go to the dojo. We have set side time and ritual for our bodies instead of letting exercise and health naturally into our lives, where we live.

      This brought me to the following idea for my kids:basic fitness starts at home.

      It doesn’ t have to be difficult or hard, just exists. The following routine is to be done whenever you feel the urge. Post it around the house and just drop into it whenever you feel the urge.
      Don’t worry about sets, time or anything. Just do it.

      This is a simple physical training circuit that we put together for kids ages 7 and up but it works for everyone. I do it.

      The purpose was two fold. First, hit the core body strength and second to start instilling some good exercise habits. I should take them no more that 5 to 10 minutes. Form is better than quantity and they should be able to finish with little difficulty before moving to phase 2. Where we just change up the exercises.

      PT for Kids ages 7 and up PHASE 1
      20 Side Twists
      5 Four-Count Forward and Back (Good Mornings)
      100 Jumping Jacks
      20 Judo (Hindu) Push Ups
      30 Squats
      40 Sit Ups
      20 Push Ups

      Whenever you feel the urge (post it next to the TV or computer).

      Outside play for 20 minutes 2 to 3 times per week no matter what the weather.

      Don’t dread doing something you should naturally want to do. We are all physical beings. Our bodies WANT this.

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