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      Hey all.

      Just wanted to introduce myself. I head up The Self Defense Company Canada and am also The Director of Instructor Development. I am here to support all members and instructors. If you are looking to certify as an Instructor or to rank in the SDTS I am here to assist and answer any questions. My background is in Krav Maga, Muay Thai and I have been with The Self Defense Company since 2011.

      Feel free to reach out anytime and you can all email me at

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      George is the MAN! and an excellent asset. We want you to challenge us…to train, improve, get certified and perhaps…teach. If not professionally, definitely to friends and family…and in order to do that, certification and live training (in person or virtual) ensures that we’re all on the same page and you can perform with confidence.

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      Joshua Earl

      I want to get certified to teach. I suck and posting online so if I don’t respond don’t be offended but I Love SDTS. I have trained in many systems but this is what I have been looking for. Lets keep this forum going. This is amazing.

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      Hey Josh – glad you made it here and whenever you’re ready…we’ll be waiting. And YES – this is our “safe space”.

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