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Is this invasio of privacy the best way to handle cyberbullying amoung kids? I think not.

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      Dallas Williams
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      Dallas Williams

      Public education is such a joke why not ditch instilling this sheep mentality in our youth and teach and empower them to stand up for themselves and shut the bully’s mouth for them if they refuse to shut it and most importantly not allow some no life loosers comments on social media bring them down. How about respecting people’s first amendment rights and right to privacy and school districts, monitoring firms, and big brother government leave people’s digital media activity the hell alone unless a direct threat is made to an individual or group of people. Keeping track and watching and possibly carrying out disciplinary action for every comment or photo a kid posts online just seems rediculous and overkill to me.

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      Dallas what you’re saying is right, but the reality is this:

      Parents are lazy.
      Kids can be brutal.
      Some of this stuff can be headed off by picking up the chatter.

      Do I like the idea of big brother monitoring me? No. But he has to and I’m willing to sacrifice some of my privacy for safety. I get it. That doesn’t mean I want big government, but somethings need to be sacrificed so the cops and other government agency can catch the bad guys before anything happens.

      Online is different and has to be handled in a different way. I know you’re story and it was tough. Now imagine if everyone in the school /town/state/nation and world saw a video of it, or tweeted it. The humiliation would be deep and far reaching.

      Picture online like a school dance – you need chaperons. Otherwise the kids will be fighting and humping in the coat room (thank you Darcy sisters) Laugh. This stuff needs to be monitored.

      Clearly this should be the job of the parents but let’s face it, most of them are asleep at the wheel.

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      Dallas Williams

      Well you do have a point I guess everything that has been going on with the Obama administration and the increasingly liberal takeover of our society has kind of made me over paranoid of big government. But this new age of high speed internet, smart phones, and social media has it’s distinct advantages like being able to stay connected with long distance family or friends and communicate news and ideas and market products internationally and globally with ease and in a matter of seconds, but it also has a lot of negative points as well. Back when I was in highschool there still was no smartphones, facebook, or twitter all we had was myspace then so the whole social media thing was still in it’s infancy then and wasn’t nearly as prominent as it is now. At least like you said (back in my day haha I’m saying this now at 27) bullying for the most part was person to person so yeah you could humiliate someone in front of a crowd or spread rumors or talk shit about them to everybody and that was and still is bad. But it’s still no where near the same as having comments or degrading videos posted of or about you all over facebook or twitter for the whole world to see. And these days so many parents are either ignorant or indifferent as to what is going on in their child’s school or social life, what they’re doing, who they’re doing it with or whether for instance they are being bullied or are themselves a bully. So somebody else the school, police, government, etc. are having to supervise, protect, and when needed discipline kids when parents need to either pull their heads out of their asses or rearrange their priorities in life and do their damn jobs as parents and take some time for their children. Like these incidents of 12 or 13 year olds getting pregnant, using or selling drugs, joining gangs, shouldn’t ever be happening and our society wouldn’t be degrading to the point it is now if people were raising their children right and teaching them some good core moral values but it is happening so now we’re having to deal with it. People can say what they want about the traditional family of the pre 1960’s but it really did function and work best. Fortunately this is the kind of family lifestyle I was raised in and I’m grateful for it. Daddy went out and made the living and brought home the bacon and provided a strong foundation and sense of security for the family and mom stayed home and took care of the kids and even when they got old enough to take care of themselves physically mom was always there to offer good guidance and advice when needed and dad was there to back her up. I know economically for many families that’s not possible now and women want and do have the right to follow their dreams and pursue a career and define themselves as something more than just a housewife and mom. But I do believe the breakdown of the family and increasing numbers of single parents and the decrease in parents amount of awareness and involvement in their kids lives has contributed greatly to the moral decay of our society as a whole and most importantly the lack of safety and security and well being of our youth.

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      Dallas Williams

      Another point I forgot to mention about the internet is behind the safety of a computer screen it suddenly gives pussies big balls to say shit they wouldn’t even dream of saying to someone’s face. So in modern times this presents more opportunities and ways for kids to bully each other and some kids just like adults to say and do mean and hurtful things who otherwise might not have the guts to do so in person. Add to all this the immaturity and incompletely developed minds of children and teenagers using such a powerful and exploiting tool and they can really do some major emotional damage to each other and as a youth when your popularity and acceptance by your friends and peers means everything to you it can be even more brutal for them than if we as adults experienced the same thing.

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      You’re last point was extremely important. People will say ANYTHING on the internet. They say things that I know they wouldn’t even think about in person.
      People can be scared, vicious little disgusting animals.

      Do you know how many times someone “threatened” to come down and “see me” when I had my schools?

      Dozens of times.

      Do you know how many people showed up?


      When it comes to bullying and cyber-bullying kids are insanely brutal. Couple that with child and teen stupidity and there needs to be someone watching. Remember, they’re not adults.

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      Young Wang

      The question is, who’s paying for all this? And how EFFICIENT is this REALLY at preventing crime? There’s no way of proving one way or the other. Are $40,500 of taxpayer money really worth spending on this? Are there not better things this money could have gone towards? The bigger problem is that these days, BOTH ADULTS AND KIDS just don’t want to care about the safety of the community they live in. So we can ignore reality and simply make us feel better about having a chaperone. You have a chaperone at the school dance, ok the fight will simply take place at the park across the school. And don’t even get me started on the humping. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. The problem is that BOTH ADULTS AND KIDS no longer want to take any RESPONSIBILITY for there personal actions/decisions. No matter HOW MUCH FREEDOM you give away to government, it will NEVER be able to counteract the IRRESPONSIBILITY of PEOPLE. These kids that rely on the schools to take care of them NOW are going to vote for MORE taxes and MORE government to take care of them when they get older and the cycle continues. Take someone like Damian, for instance, who grew up before the age of cyber bullying. He had to learn to handle himself and “deal with” other “kids that didn’t play nice” in REAL LIFE. So if you know how to deal with other kids in REAL LIFE, you aren’t going to have much of a problem dealing with the “cyber” version of these brats. But, if you don’t know how to deal with “bullies” in real life, the fact that you are “overwhelmed” by the “cyberbullies” is just a reflection of the fact that you don’t know how to deal with people in REAL LIFE. Now, you think someone like Damian would be “depressed” or “lose sleep” over what some troll posts on his facebook wall? Exactly. Why is it that the same troll/bully can post the same exact thing on Damian’s wall and Damian will just chuckle, have a laugh, post a witty response before finally getting bored and deleting it but some other guy will see it, be deeply offended, CRY, be the straw that broke the camel’s back and the trigger that led to his thoughts and act of SUICIDE. The answer is that for the 2nd guy, A LOT of OTHER things were going WRONG and OUT OF BALANCE in his REAL LIFE that needed to be FIXED. The REAL “damage” that cyberbullying does is that it simply magnifies how shitty and OUT OF BALANCE kids’ lives are(both the poster/bully that wasted the time for such trivial nonsense and the witness/victim/bullied that lacked the ability to deal with this individual in real life, whether that’s the RESPONSIBILITY of confronting this individual personally and/or a COMBO of taking the RESPONSIBILITY to contact and report this individual to the proper authorities whether that’s the school or the police.

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      We all can the issue starts at home – lack of parenting, lack of caring. The other reality is that it IS going to happen.

      Just like speeding. People are going to speed, but putting a cop there makes the people who were not so sure about speeding too drive the speed limit.

      Yes, that fight happens across the street and that teen couple sneaks off to a deserted hallway – but it limits the amount of people who are going to do it.

      I get it- we shouldn’t have to hire someone to do a parent’s job. But there are some kids that don’t have parents and need help.

      The short term solution is to help those kids, even if it is a few.

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      Dallas Williams
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      Dallas Williams

      Another case of police having to step in and handle the job parents should be doing, bullying a child to the point where they feel the only way out is suicide. If these were my kids and I found out they were bullying someone I’d get and smash every single digital media device they have cell phone, computer, ipod, ipad, etc.

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      The signs are ALWAYS there. Parents are too into their own shit to notice.


      There are some people, no matter how hard you try and how much you care – just don’t want to be on this earth.

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