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It’s the Same Stuff!!!!

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      James Goolsby

      [Damian Ross],

      Brother, you never cease to amaze me!

      It is so refreshing to see that pretty much all of the weapons defenses rely on the same basic gross motor skills. And I don’t mean close or similar, I mean the same freakin’ skills. Other than some minor adjustments on the initial weapon clearing, which are of course necessary due to where the damn thing is sticking you, it’s the same every single time. For knives. For guns. For wet noodles. Well, you get the point Smile

      Best of all, it’s not just the same skills for each weapon, it’s the same skills we’ve been learning and practicing from day one. Clearly you have put a lot of thought into this system, and boy does it show.

      Now of course, while I would never advise anyone to “tune out” during a fight, this is about as close to automatic (dare I say, robotic?) as it gets. You really do not have to think too much about anything. Feel the weapon here? Boom! Feel the weapon there? Boom! I know you say it should be instinctive and convulsive, but my friend this takes the cake. Wink

      Well Done!!!!

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      I’m loving the simplicity of this system! Once you have the basics down and their convulsive and instinctive you know what to do… “Grip it and rip it, repeat as needed” love that quote from [Damian Ross]
      I really love the fact that there isn’t a specific response to a specific situation, there doesn’t need to be. To much thinking with specific responses.

      The basics are in every mod, just like fitness sometimes the basics are best.

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      James Goolsby

      @Archie said:
      The basics are in every mod, just like fitness sometimes the basics are best.

      Exactly, [Archie]. It’s like Damian points out in Mod 7 about all those old exercises our coaches were giving us that we thought were just to keep us busy; turns out they were some of best things we can do to get in “practical” shape without using equipment. Who knew? Laugh

      Seriously, though, I am more and more impressed with SDTS with each Mod. D.R. has really put together an intelligent, comprehensive, and above all, effective, system that I would not be afraid to put up against any “black belt”. Hell, I’ve got a guy in my department who is a fourth degree BB in Hapkido and the department’s former Defensive Tactics instructor (guess who is the department DT Instructor now? Go on… guess Smile) Anyway, after seeing me in action a couple of times, even he has walked away from his “art” and is now asking me to show him the SDTS way! Better late than never, eh?

      I am beyond certain that I will never use anything else again.

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      Agreed it took me years to figure out that the basics are the best with fitness. When I finally stopped doing all the “bodybuilding” type work outs an started training like an athlete is when I noticed a huge difference. Instead of doing 10 diff exercises for one body part. I went to a 5×5 program which was only 5 exercises total for the entire body. I had the most gains in strength and size on that simple basic program. Just like SDTS and the basics for self defense it’s all you need, a street fight isn’t pretty, neither is the training. Simplicity… It just works!

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      I remember getting an email from someone actually criticizing the SDTS because it was the SAME, REPETITIVE techniques over and over again.

      My response was “Yes, thanks for noticing.”

      If you build a house you have a primary set of tools. It doesn’t matter what style of house. You still need to cut, hammer, screw, level -etc. Same goes for self defense.

      I don’t completely different “car jacking” defense. I just apply what I know to that situation. (You’re going to do it ANYWAY).

      We have a tendency to associate complicated with better and in reality the opposite is true. If you look at every high level of sport you see BASICS are what works the most. The winner is the one who does it first.

      This is why the SDTS works. To sit there and create specific responses to each and every situation is literally impossible. To expect you to execute more complicated and intricate techniques when you’re going to be EVEN MORE scared is ridiculous.

      That’s what always confused me about the martial arts. If we use simple techniques in sparring, a relatively LOW stress situation when compared to someone sticking a knife in your throat.

      How on earth are you going to perform the twisty gun disarm when someone out of nowhere sticks a gun in your face?

      There is only one real, proven solution and this is it.

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      On Basics: In my past line of service I was a part of the PTAE unit training troops for deployment at FT Stewart. I always told the troops that if they stay with the basics they would always come home, or have a much better chance of coming home. Long story short I was in the food store on night and a guy walks up to me, looked familiar and said SSG how are you doing? shook my hand, and said you told us to stay with the basics, and that is what got our unit through some heavy crap. Great feeling, and I am happy to see many of those guys and gals come home.

      In all my years studying and teaching Choy Li Fut Kung Fu I thought it was the best, but realized that when it hits only the very basics work, and you go with what you know and can use. Damian took what he learned from the greats in Close Combat and from his experience and created a system to teach these things so that all can do it, and it is all basics, all the same stuff, we the students train hard and train honestly and we make it our own, using what works, making it a part of ourselves, and this is the beauty of this system. Truth be told years back when I first looked at this. I said this can’t work. I thought all this close combat stuff was silly and well CP did not help with that much, but after opening my mind, taking the plunge, and really working with it, well I am not using anything else. Sure I will stay in Krav class, to work out more, and have others to train with until I find a good training partner, plus I like the guys there so no loss. But in my mind this is the best system out there, always will be, and well we had a saying, think long think wrong and you do not have to think with this system.

      Again Thanks Damian, old dogs can learn new tricks, and well I have gained so much fro this system, best money I ever spent.

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      Thanks Dave, that means the world to me.

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      No problem Boss. I am glad I came here to learn, and I live in GA but am from Phily, so well it is like learning from someone from home. I love the folks here, but I miss the people and food up there. Thanks for all you are doing, and I do plan on moving forward and getting the Guardian material.

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      OK, Guardian is going to be up on INSIDER in a few days.

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