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Just ordered GDT!

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      James Goolsby

      I just submitted my order to the GDT program. I cannot wait for the DVD’s to arrive. I was thinking to myself, “if this stuff works even half as good as SDTS it will be friggin’ amazing.” Then I caught the hand-full of sample vids on YouTube. Been doing the underhook move for years, but when I saw it combined with, well, shall we say a “chin lock”, I just began to smile… and drool. Laugh

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      James. You will love it. I am GDT certified and the program is solid. If you haven’t downloaded the CSI program yet I would seriously plug into that as well. I am sure Damian can put the link in here for you.

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      James Goolsby

      Thanks. I have saved the link to the CSI program in my browser (and Family Safe, and 60 Min. Defense, and… well, you get the point.) Laugh I will be ordering every program “we” have as my finances allow. I’ve been in close contact with Damian about everything. I’m hoping to get started in the Instructor program myself this spring. Looking forward to joining the ranks.

      Currently my department uses PPCT as its DT program, and honestly, pretty much everyone feels it’s about worthless. I, personally, haven’t had much luck with pressure points. Working with psych patients and emotionally disturbed people (and plenty of drunks!), I find they don’t really “feel the pain”. I got smashed in the face while trying to apply a “mandibular angle” to a schizophrenic. Needless to say, I don’t bother with that stuff much any more. Best results I’ve gotten in my life I’ve gotten with SDTS; that’s why I can’t wait for GDT. Now I just gotta convince my department to accept it. LOL

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      J I’ll reach out to Ed, the Instructor on CSI, to help you with this.

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