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      Looks like two juveniles are being charged with the shooting that took place at the KC Superbowl victory rally.

      Article here: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/kansas-city-chiefs-parade-shooting-juveniles-charged/

      My guess is that this will be discovered to be GANG RELATED as most mass shootings are. Since the FBI classified a mass shooting an event in which one or more individuals are “actively engaged in killing or attempting to kill people in a populated area.” They have changed the perception of the public.

      When you hear mass shooting you automatically think SCHOOL and associate it to kids being slaughtered. But when you hear “GANG VIOLENCE” the perception is completely different. MAKE NO MISTAKE – if I’m in a crowd any where, I have armor and carry (If I can)…because this shit does happen and I don’t care who is pulling the trigger – the bullet don’t care.

      Of course our EVER AWARE President Immediately calls for a BAN ON ASSAULT WEAPONS when no weapons of that type were used in the crime.


      Oh – if you want to get news without the bullshit – Get on the 1440 mail list:


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      Anyone hear any details about the shooters…age, race….motive…hmmm…I can only find a pic o one of the men.

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      Holy crap. Look, if I was 20-something and I locked eyes with someone…IDK what that kid (my 20 year old self) would do. Now, I just don’t give a shit.

      Like we say…you don’t know who you’re dealing with…and something as innocuous as a “look” sets them off into a killing spree.

      Again…NO PICTURES of the perps in the article.

      It’s so fucked. If it doesn’t fit the narrative – WHITE GUY with a legally owned GUN, it gets lost.

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        Yeah I don’t understand the mentality of someone who tries to kill another person for looking at them. That’s straight psychopathic. I could possibly understand some posturing, but to cross a street and start firing when you KNOW there are innocent women and children all around you is just insane (Mays claimed he recognized they were present and didn’t care). The real problem goes back to a discussion I think we had before (possible I had it with someone else), where violence is now associated with words and body language, instead of actual violence.

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