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      6 killed in mall – Evil always finds a way.

      Five women were among the six people killed by 40-year-old XXX XXX when he rampaged through Bondi Junction’s busy Westfield shopping center on Saturday, turning the weekend fall afternoon into a scene of panic and terror.

      Twelve others were injured in the rare attack, including a nine-month old baby whose mother was killed. Eight people remained in hospital Monday in conditions ranging from critical to stable with four discharged in the past 24 hours, according to New South Wales’ Minister for Health Ryan Park.

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      Three items that stand out:

      1. The stabbing spree only ended when XXXX was shot dead at the scene by an officer who single-handedly pursued him through the mall.
      2. POLICE – “It’s obvious to me, it’s obvious to the detectives that that seems to be an area of interest, that the offender had focused on women and avoided the men.”
      3. Perp was known to authorities and had “suffered from mental health [issues]” though he had not been prosecuted or charged with any previous criminal offense in the state.

      So… a person with a FIREARM stopped the guy with a knife.
      Even though he was known to authorities (wonder what the details on that are…) he still had the presence of mind to “avoid the men” and target the women.

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      Mark Stewart

      This event is actually what made me sign up here. It’s very close to home as we are in Auckland, NZ and travel to Sydney often and was in that very mall just a few weeks ago. I’m interested to know, would others be confident to take a guy like this on in a situation like this knowing he’s a lone wolf? When I reflected I knew I wouldn’t be confident in this situation which was very disappointing to me and is why I’m
      here to change that.

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      Hey Mark – and I think you’re courageous actually. Most people… like 95% would turn and blind eye or expect to police to be everywhere. When events like these happen, it shows how vulnerable and exposed we are… and most people DONT LIKE IT.

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      I have my own suspicions about the nature of news stories like this. In a sense, the instrument of media is used to create the same effect in your mind as the effect created by an actual personal assault on you. The news is a mind rapist, in other words. I don’t ever watch it, and I only ever hear about this crap second hand. I enjoy anime and literally nothing else.

      But we can still use this story as a mental exercise. It doesn’t matter if a guy is trying to stab 80 people, or just you in an alley.

      Violence is Violence is Violence. Where? Why? Who gives a shit. As such, the goal is to kill the entity who’s decided to accelerate their judgment.

      This story deals with stabbing. Delightful. Knives are scary to people, and more of a psychological menace than a practical threat. Knives are highly overrated, and better used for assassinations than for fighting. A person could be bleeding to death and still kill you. With no knife.

      Knives are sharp and pointy and scary looking. They look bad ass – like every clown with a sleeve tattoo is desperately hoping to look.

      Consider the simplicity of sprinting full speed directly at a guy with a knife. The goal being to overrun his position while destroying part of his body.

      This approach works for anything. Because you’re overrunning their position, you force them to commit to an attack, or a defense. And that will be their last commitment on earth.

      Consider the idiotic scenarios of guys training at slashing distance against knife or weapon attacks. Or even just boxing or wrestling or whatever. This is a dangerous and inefficient waste of time because you’re not occupying their space.

      But consider sprinting into their space. No longer can they just stand there, slashing and dancing. Now they have to decide on ONE attack, and they have to do that one attack NOW.

      And because you’re initiating the assault, you no one have to guess what they’re going to do, because you have just severely limited most of their options. Where’s, if you just stand at slashing distance, they have all the options in the world.

      Further, a guy with a knife will be fixated on his knife. Weapons are psychological handicaps because they’re crutches. In other words, a true killer sees only targets, and does not give a shit what goes into the target. A weapon is nice, but it can also be better used as a distraction, since everyone fixates on weapons and forgets the only thing that matters which are targets.

      His one attack will be limited to one side, as you close smiling at him at a violent sprint. Fuck this guy. The only thing you’re thinking about is how good it’s going to feel to destroy his temple.

      It’s so easy to juke to one side or the other at the last millisecond, and crush your target from an angle.

      As I’ve said, all movement must flow from your Center of Balance (COB). This ensures your entire body is moving and engaged as a single unit. No reaching. Your whole body reaches, and part of your body just happens to smash something.

      The idea is that your COB should always be moving into the space occupied by your enemy’s COB as violently and fast as possible, WHILE one of your body tools is destroying one of his body targets. Very simple. No fancy moves required.

      However, this has to be trained because most overreach instead of overrunning. Even most professionals. Although sport fighting should be avoided – even watching it – because it will program you to do what you’re watching or practicing. Murderous intent can in no way be sportified. Either you want to murder a guy, or not. There is no second level. You can always STOP murdering a guy, but you’d better START murdering him first. With full and extreme prejudice.

      Just think of how easy this is if you disregard all convention. A guy throws a punch. You sprint violently directly into him as he punches. A guy’s waving a knife. Walter Payton damn near decapitates him. Like, literally any attack is negated by this. It doesn’t even matter if you get hit, since you’re interrupting the strike. Kicks, bats, knives.

      And because you’re so violently overrunning their position, it’s easy enough to deflect something coming in – because that’s the last opportunity they’re gonna have to send something at you. So instead of trying to have all these moves for all their moves, just give them time for one move. This greatly simplifies everything. I’m all about reducing all possibilities down to one possibility. You do this by initiating the assault. This also makes predicting their response much easier.

      Further, consider the action of sprinting. It’s an inherently violent action. You’re literally drop stepping violently the whole way. Your arms are already moving up and down like chin jabs and elbows and all the rest. Knees already coming up and down. You could take out half a rib cage. Maybe you sprint thru an ankle or a knee.

      Plus, this shit it’s just way more fun. Perfectly suited to multiple attackers. Generally, you want to spring away or sprint directly at, with minor changes of direction last step. You should never ever be in the same spot. Sprinting off the X at all times keeps your blind spot free, even if a guy was about to strike there.

      So really, if you have the delight of seeing some guy trying to stab everyone someplace – Merry Christmas, motherfucker! That’s a direct quote. From me. I believe that’s it’s very important for bad people to understand their minuscule place in my world, where they only exist for my personal amusement. That is how we must all treat them.

      Anything worth doing is worth enjoying. Anything worth doing is worth overdoing. Always, always over deliver. In whatever you do, not just Violence. The way you do anything is the way you do everything, as it goes.

      I really feel the bad people need to come to intimately understand just how inferior they really are to the righteous. They need to be made examples of wherever possible, and with as much passion and delight as possible.

      I like to say that the highest state of mind is excited curiosity. This reflects the highest virtues of honesty and gratitude simultaneously.

      Ideally, you should intend to violently experiment on these fucks. Instead of just crushing their throat, heh maybe I’ll throw this coffee in his face as I close with him and then stick my pen thru his eye socket into his brain. Maybe stop, curious to see what he does – while still in motion going around him, because you never actually stop. Then many take out a leg. You know – this guy has just offered himself up as a live training dummy. Make full use of him.

      We want all the witnesses ultimately more horrified by what we do to the bad guy then whatever the fuck he was doing before playtime really started. And these witnesses are not innocent little doves either. They strut around pretending to be good, while allowing evil its full reign. So they too need to understand that there are two very scary forces in the world. And one of those scary forces isn’t not even worthy of mention next to to ultimate scary force.

      Does this sound like “self defense”? No, this sounds like actual fun. There is NO point in doing ANYTHING without making it fun. Period. If it’s a drag it’s no sustainable. Fun mindedness also unleashes creativity and flow.

      Training wise, what I have described requires essentially training the same one thing over and over. You will never get too good at moving from your COB.

      Literally ALL movement in every area of your life must flow this way. Occasionally I’ll open a door to a gas station or something, and I’ll feel myself momentarily and slightly off balance for a split second – and it mentally enrages me. Passion never ends. Excellence is a self driving vehicle. Not yourself – itself. It drives you – you’re just along for the ride.

      To begin, it would probably be useful to blindfold a person, and then have another person quietly walk around them trying to violently shove them off balance. This would last a long time.

      From there, you’ve got to get used to feeling your entire body moving thru a heavy mass, from your COB. No striking at all at this point. Because strikes are just the impacts of body tools while your whole body is moving thru the target.

      I still think my old football drills for linemen are the most useful training in Violence I’ve ever had. I had to play defensive end and tight end as a 6’3” 176 lb guy in high school against guys who were generally like 5’10” 225-250 lbs. That ain’t happening with just your arms. And when you’re driving that sled across a field, you can’t be reaching out for it like you’re “knife fighting”.

      Professional defensive linemen – if they applied their skills to killing people would be unstoppable. Off the field tho suddenly they forget all that. That’s an example of how dangerous perspective can be.

      Or imagine Walter Payton trying to kill people instead of avoid tackles. That would be a bloodbath.

      So you’ve got to get used to moving correctly from your COB, so that you can act as I’ve described without falling all over the place and losing your balance. There’s many ways to do this. Many non combat sports are great for this. Maybe even better because you mentally understand you’re practicing the fundamental of movement, and not being brainwashed in some fairy tale simulation of combat.

      You could put your hands behind your back and just practice running through a Muay Thai bag over and over. Striking through it with your entire body, leading from your COB. This is an entirely different feeling than hitting the bag and just standing around it.

      Being blindfolded while doing these things is even better because you really feel your balance even more.

      The possibilities for practicing movement are endless and enjoyable. You can make them up. The basic principle is so so simple and yet you will NEVER ever fully master it. You will ALWAYS be able to endlessly improve it forever. It is the ONE thing that will give you the freedom to do anything.

      Hopefully I accomplished my objective of demeaning and degrading a knife wielding threat to the point of your last bowel movement – which is a far more menacing threat.

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      Mark Stewart

      Epic post, thank you Paul. Love it! Amusing and educational in equal measure! I dream about king hitting low life scum like this that bring evil to the world, destroying their bodily functions and watching them suffer for the hurt they bring to others. That would be fun… like you said, there is no point doing anything without making it fun. I will train with this in mind.

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      I could not have said ANYTHING better. The point that’s laughable …and frustrating is when you explain the forward drive…and the importance of taking ground…and how it eliminates…A LOT of nonsense. “They” still don’t get it…and I guess, it’s not their’s to get…

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      I didn’t really do this topic justice. This is actually a wildly hilarious scenario if you think about it.

      My favorite TV show as a kid was Macguyver. Still is, since I don’t watch TV shows that aren’t anime. This show actually had a huge impact on me as a kid because I loved the idea of improvising a solution to any problem using random crap in your immediate environment. I may even go as far as to say this show changed my life.

      And this perspective perfectly compliments Violence because everything around you is a weapon. Even actual guns. I see no reason to carry a gun, because I’m just going to borrow someone else’s if I need it. No worries about security. Let the other guys carry their guns for me. And of course any security guarantees the presence of guns by whoever’s doing the security. Carrying your own is not necessary. Even if I have to borrow one from a good guy – I’ll give it back. I’m just always going to trust my commitment way more than anyone else.

      But guns aside, everything is a weapon if viewed correctly. You only think about targets, which creates the context into which fits all the items around you. A problem creates the context for components of the solution, which otherwise would appear to have no application to the problem.

      And I loved Macguyver’s attitude. This guy never felt bad about a problem. Always assumed a solution was close at hand. I’m probably underestimating the impact of this TV show given the opposite nature of my childhood experience with very negative people. I became almost pathologically the opposite.

      But then you’ve got to add a little extra frosting to this cake. And it occurred to me that maybe the best mindset for Violence is a cross between Macguyver and..

      Fire Marshal Bill, played by Jim Carrey, from the greatest sketch comedy TV show of all time, “In Living Color.” You can find clips on YouTube.

      Imagine, if you can, Fire Marshall Bill giving “self defense” tutorials..

      “Hi kids! I’m Fire Marshall Bill. Here to talk about self defense against people who aren’t very nice. Not being nice can often result in bad things like genocide and cartel decapitations. That’s why I don’t do them as often.

      Suppose you’re a teenage boy and girl with your parents at the mall. You’re on the third level eating, and your parents decide to go check out the lingerie shop on the first level. They tell you to stay put – they’ll be back in thirty minutes.

      They’re rollin the dice kids! But not to worry, cuz I’M A FIRE MARSHALL! I’ll tell you how to be safe, in a sea of potential predators.

      Let’s say you’re still eating and – JESUS! – an unfriendly gentleman begins stabbing people all around you. You haven’t even finished your lunches!

      But waiting for mommy and daddy was going to be very boring. Now you can have some great fun and burn off some of that energy.

      Everyone is running for the stairs and escalators and elevators. Some people are diving over the railing onto the main floor. Ignore their screams – it’s time for self defense!


      You guys happen to spot a sporting goods store across the dining area. The stabbing guy is still stabbing people and hasn’t seen you yet. Too bad for him!

      You walk by a lady who’s lying on the ground, stabbed maybe eight times. No worries, kids! Just yell at her as you walk by:

      ‘Just relax, miss! Statistically you can take about another 37 of those before you need to consider finding a bunch of napkins. JUST WALK IT OFF!’

      So you guys go into the sporting goods place. It’s like Christmas! Totally deserted! Think of all the presents just sitting there waiting for you to play with!


      You peek at the stabbing guy – he’s still working on a few people. You’ve got time. So you grab the canoes and kayaks and slide them down the escalators and stairs, and into elevators to keep them from going down.

      You can’t have people coming up here to interrupt your playtime! The police are going to have to wait! I mean, how often do you get the sporting goods place to yourself! THIS IS BEAUTIFUL!

      Where to start? The possibilities are overwhelming! You guys happen to be regular bowlers in a league. Heh, why not start with bowling practice. Very practical.

      You start rolling bowling balls out of the sporting goods place. Maybe like ten of them. Now a little friendly series of competitions, starting with bowling. Let’s The say the winner gets to set stabbing guy on fire. Fair enough? Excellent!

      You start bowling at the stabbing guys legs. He’s about regulation distance – this’ll work! Bonus points if you can take out both his legs at one time. So you send all the bowling balls at the stabber. A few misses, mostly single leg hits, but heh – girl makes a double on her last turn! Nice!

      The stabbing guy’s got one ankle with multiple fractures, and he falls and drops the knife! No, no, no! You can’t have that – this has to be realistic! He has to remain a a threat! C’mon stabby guy – show a little commitment!

      So you grab some athletic tape and run over to Stabby and tape his knife back into his hand for him. No falling out now! You test it to make sure, and stab him a few times in his stomach. Nothing serious – avoiding the abdominal aorta. Safety first! Your mommy and daddy would be so proud!

      You tell Stabby, ‘Heh, we’d like to be stabbed a little too! WHY ARE YOU BEING SO UNFAIR! BAD STABBER! BAD STABBER!’

      Stabby guy starts crawling toward you. Finally! A little spirit!

      You guys run back to the sporting goods place. This is exciting! You happen to spot a water balloon launcher and a bulk size package of D batteries. What?! Yes! Let’s try it!

      You run back out. Stabby is closer. Jesus, this guy is slow. It’s great though – a little more accuracy required. You guys take turns firing D batteries at Stabby. Bonus points for face shots.

      Incredibly, the boy manages a direct shot into Stabby’s mouth, taking out most of his teeth. The girl gets pissed – she’s down a few points – and puts one into Stabby’s eye socket! Silenced awe from the spectators. Wherever they are!

      Stabby turns and covers up, so you have to settle for his ribs and elbows. The boy shatters one of Stabby’s elbows and goes back up on points. But this is boring now.

      Back to the store. Time for hockey! You guys find pads and helmets, and rollerblades. You grab some hockey sticks and a whole bunch of pucks.

      Outside the store, Stabby is up hobbling on one leg, cradling the arm with the shattered elbow. Time to practice passing and scoring! No points this time. You guys skate towards the guy passing the puck back and forth like you’re advancing on a goalie. The girl passes left wing to the boy – CRACK! He slaps the puck into Stabby’s left knee. Completely shattered! Beautiful shot! Who the fuck is Steve Yzerman?!

      Sorry for the language, kids! I’M A FIRE MARSHALL!

      Stabby’s back down on the ground. Really?! You guys pause and carry a chair over to him, and considerately drag him into it. Such model citizens you kids! THAT’S NOT A TEAR – MY TEAR DUCTS WERE BURNED OUT WHILE I WAS PILOTING THE HINDENBURG AND ARC WELDING THE RADIO!

      Stabby’s comfortable in his chair. You guys are pissed, ‘WHY AREN’T YOU STABBING STUFF?!’

      Whatever! You skate back to the sporting goods place for more pucks. It’s overtime! Slap shots at the goalie! Time for more points. You take turns slapping pucks at Stabby. 12 pucks later, the girl has retaken the lead. This is coming down to the wire. You can hear the police down below acting way too serious. They probably won’t let you keep playing.

      Stabby is now blessed with two shattered knees, two shattered ankles, basically his entire face and jaw shattered and dislocated. He’s literally coming unhinged! One shattered elbow, pelvis, and most of his ribs. One eye gone. Collarbones don’t look right either. Probably a lot of other stuff too. Not bad, kids!

      Remarkably Stabby is still conscious. Can he breathe ok? You guys remember something you saw on TV or wherever. Heh, let’s try it out. The girl grabs a straw, and the boy gently stabs Stabby in his trachea with his own knife. Still working! Tape is holding nicely. Still a threat!

      The girl sticks the straw in Stabby’s throat. This is supposed to help him breathe better or something. Who knows – it’s the thought that counts! You gotdamn lovable kids… THIS IS WHY I’M A FIRE MARSHALL!

      Time for one more competition. Darts! Raise the stakes – ten times the points for hitting Stabby’s good remaining eye. But his head keeps falling forwards. No good!

      You guys slide his chair over to the railing, and lean it back against the railing. Better angle! Ten paces back. Five darts each. The police are yelling something. They’ll have to wait! I’M A FIRE MARSHALL – THEY ALWAYS HAVE TO WAIT!

      Remember kids, the police get to do all the clean up for you! But only you get to have the fun!


      Talk about suspense, kids! Anyone could take this. Both of you manage to hit Stabby’s eye – twice each! One more shot for each. The boy can win with another hit. The girl’s still ahead and can win by default, if the boy misses.

      God. the tension! Last time it was this thick I was at the Branch Davidians field testing hand grenades!

      The girl hits Stabby’s eye again! IT’S OVER!

      The boy’s disappointed, but a good sport. Proud of his sister, actually! Nice work, sis!

      Now you guys just so happened to have noticed a power washer sitting down a maintenance hallway or something near the elevators. Time is running out! You can hear people moving the kayaks off the escalator!

      The boy grabs a sports cooler from the sporting goods place and sprints to the power washer to empty the gas. The girl grabs some climbing rope. They sprint back to Stabby. Breathless, but no time left!

      What now, kids?!


      As the fair winner, the girl gets to douse Stabby in gasoline. The boy ties off the rope to a nearby pillar, then makes a loop with a slip knot in the rope and secures it around Stabby’s neck – careful to avoid the straw! Still safety conscious! I may have to retire, kids – FINALLY, SOMEONE GETS IT!

      You guys even make sure to keep the rope away from the side of Stabby’s neck, to avoid breaking it! SAFETY ALWAYS FIRST, YES! So proud of you kids! Later, later – no time..

      Finally, you’re all ready. Stabby’s lost a bit of his enthusiasm so it’s a bit of work pushing him from the chair into the railing. Knife still secured? Yes? All good! STILL A THREAT!

      Let’s say the girl decides to go old school, with a flint and a striker from the sporting goods place. She gets some nice sparks, while the boy keeps Stabby balanced on the railing while wearing some barbecue grilling mitts.

      WHOOSH! Stabby goes up in flames, as the boy shoves him over the railing. Beautiful timing, kids! Reminds me of.. never mind!

      Stabby plummets about one story down from the railing and hangs there, swinging around like a large animated burning cross. Apparently he was still conscious! Or maybe a second wind?

      People are yelling now. How do they know who the winner was?! No time to wonder – time to go!

      You guys run back the sporting goods place and grab some Gatorades and trail mix, and decide to relax in one of the tents on display. Wait for the police! I’M A FIRE MARSHALL!

      So you see, kids, self defense is way more fun than.. just self.. or defense! “

      What’s hilarious is that as ridiculous as that scenario sounds – it, or any variation of it, is entirely plausible. With a change of perspective.

      So while you may not go to that extreme, the creative approach remains the same. A victim, after all, is someone who lacks creativity. Imagination. Inspiration. Artistry.

      I think it’s better to think of martial “arts” in terms of the portrait of Violence you paint – the result – rather than the techniques used. Thinking in terms of possibilities and not techniques or moves. A “move” is just what happens when a possibility hits (moves thru) a target.

      So, while it may sound deranged, the real point is to open up your reflexive field of possibility to such a point that you never feel like a.. victim.

      Because there is ALWAYS so, SO much possibility everywhere.. it’s never IF, but HOW! And then once possibility opens up – now you can become an artist, picking possibilities to experiment with, since there’s so many. Signatures for the Devil to remember you by..

      The evil man is by his nature born to die a victim. Never forget what nature never does.

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      AHAHAHAHA – that is great. And yes…WTF would you run when you have a mall full of resources. Most people have the victim mindset and put WAY TOO MUCH on the damage any weapon can do. This is why I don’t like shock knives or anything that distracts you from completely destroying your target with extreme prejudice.

      Typical martial arts/self defense play this game with the weapon…and it degrades into a game of tag…assuming you’re mortally wounded if you’re even touched with the knife, gun, club – when you see countless videos of people getting shot, stabbed and hit – who literally walk it off.

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