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Mugs and holds unit 11 stomping

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      Joshua Earl

      I noticed you said that the head butt happens before you stomp but you stomped before the head butt on the dummy. Is this because it is a natural movement to stomp first? What are your thoughts on striking and stomping at the same time?

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      Instead of a head butt, think of pushing a fridge. If you push and then step, you lose power. If you step and then push, you lose power. If you step and push at the same time, your whole body’s working together.

      All movement should flow from your Center of Balance. The head butt therefore is not done with the head, but with your COB. If you do this, your feet will naturally move in perfect position. They will automatically drop step. They have to – your whole body is moving. Your COB is the center of your body, and by moving from it, the rest of your body naturally moves in harmony with its center and every other part.

      Especially with the head butt – you definitely don’t want to be striking early or late with your damn head and neck on the line. Head butt is an absolute last resort. Never a preferred option. Hitting people with your command center is a bad idea unless it’s the only remaining option.

      If you have to tho, by hitting from your COB you will also ensure that your entire torso and neck and head are locked and that you’re not using your head to strike, but your COB.

      If you’re close enough to head butt, you’re close enough to do other things first. Sort of like biting people – that would be an idiotic preference unless there’s nothing else left to do.

      Also, you must absolutely think thru what you’re doing for yourself. Don’t rely on teaching and regurgitation. Seek understanding for yourself. Very very very few people do this. Just by practicing something, and experimenting, you should be able to feel different things, regardless of what anyone says.

      I think of experts ideally more as encouragers rather than teachers. You can teach art techniques to a student, for example, but you can’t make him an artist. Only passion can do that. Encouraging the passion, and not defining it is the role of a teacher. Any passionate student should and will surpass their teacher, because no teacher has a monopoly on truth. Inspiration never stops flowing. Through us all.

      Be your own killer. Do it how you like. How you enjoy it. Violence is for killing. Period. Don’t think about this so clinically. Think about how you’re going to be able to kill an evil fuck. How you’re going to do it. Not how someone else will.

      The thing I respect about evil fucks is their unwillingness to do what they’re told. They’ll do anything. And they’ll enjoy it. Good. Cuz I’m going to enjoy it even more.

      Use instruction as a loose guide of possibilities. Not as a Bible. The Bible isn’t even the Bible – it requires inspiration to interpret. Which is why you get such a wide variety of opposing interpretations of it.

      In the end, what is certain? Your desire..

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      Joshua Earl

      Well put. Thank you.

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