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Potential reality of working security for celebrities or bands at concerts!

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      Dallas Williams
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      Dallas Williams
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      Dallas Williams

      I apologize for the graphic content guys and it’s an extreme example, but if we choose to work as security personel for bands, singers, or celebrities at concerts, parties, or raves this and situations like it are what we potentially have to be prepared to deal with and the aftermath that can follow. The right combination of drugs, stimulation from the environment and crowd, and mental illness can cause a person to behave in very strange and aggressive ways. If your client starts doing crazy stuff like assaulting audience members stripping naked taking a shit and throwing it at the crowd we’ve gotta be prepared to deal with the potentially catastrophic events and reaction from the audience that could follow, not to mention the biohazard from human waste. As prison security guards know an assailant can use any possible means to attack you even their own bodily excrement and this is no different outside of prison.

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      Well said @Dallas. I used to work security and once was “protecting” Kim Kardashian when she stayed with her pr agent Jonathan who lived at the building I worked for. Yes dealing with so called celebrities can be trying especially when you have media and crazed fans all around. Just one spark can light the fire and it can get out of hand quick.

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      working security are you able to carry firearms when you are guarding them

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      If the client did that to someone, I would let the client secure himself. Actually, no, I’d personally break his face. Believe me, that’s actually smart crowd control, when they watch justice administered immediately. It would take me about one second, tho I’d prefer a couple hours in an abandoned basement – because anything longer would incite a riot, and also the unprincipled nature of the band members and other security mercenaries – then back to the crowd. Extremely quick and decisive, with no space for reaction from anyone. “Yes, he’s a piece of shit. I’ll be quitting this job. But let’s not get anyone else fucked up over this turd.” Following orders has never been my excuse.

      I would have made it clear beforehand, tho, just what I expected of the client, and what he could expect of me. But, then again, I would never work for someone like that – now, anyway – because I’d already know he was a sack of filth.

      Especially, when behind the scenes with a lot of these celebrities – some of these people, and even many, are extremely deranged and literal Satanists. Thanks, but not.

      I would imagine, having never worked security for celebrities, that one would have a decision to make if you found yourself defending the wrong side of the moral compass. For me, that decision would be easy.

      I could only work security for folks I personally respected, and trusted not to put me on the wrong side of God, if you will. Otherwise, they’d find themselves trying to secure me. And failing badly.

      I once worked security at a strip club just outside of Detroit. A real cesspool, and not one of my finer jobs. Actually, the only job with more degenerate human debris floating around was the mortgage brokerage I worked for. Literally.

      They all thought I was an undercover cop, because I was strictly professional, didn’t go near the strippers, and generally barely masked my contempt for them. At one point, they had me cornered in the boss’s office, grilling me, and I was startin to feel real alive, if you know what I mean.

      I strangely feel most relaxed and at home in those situations, facing degenerates, knowing I’m right, and knowing that there’s two ways to meet Jesus.

      The boss kept offering me liquor during this little convo, and I kept telling him I don’t drink. And made a point of smiling at each one of those sacks of manure. Nothing happened tho. One side of me always wishes it would, in those situations. But, I think people pick up on that.

      This was the type of place where at a certain time they’d lock the doors, and different strippers would eat each other out on stage, which was illegal in this particular area. The lame excuse that I needed the money was the one I used, sad to say.

      Now, I work for myself. I’ve never worked for a company I respected, unfortunately. I’m no saint, and working for myself has definitely and exponentially increased my people skills, but I do have a sense of honor and basic decency. Which is probably one reason I’m backed up with referrals. I don’t advertise anymore. Haven’t in over a year and a half.

      Same reason I couldn’t be a soldier. I respect the actual soldiers – the ones who aren’t gang bangers, anyways, – but I ain’t dying for some corporation, under the banner of “freedom.” No country has ever fought a war for anything besides greed.

      So, when it comes to security, you gotta ask just what, exactly, are you securing? No way in hell I could be some lackey for some celebrity clown who I didn’t respect as a human being. The others I would make it real clear what would happen if they violated MY ethics. I’m securing justice, and so long as they’re on the right side of it, then everything will be fine.

      Otherwise, it ain’t.

      That’s why I don’t think of self defense as SELF defense. It’s simply…Securing Justice.


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      Wow LMMFAO that was wild.Hey Dallas out of all the videos that was the only one to prove your point lol.Man some dude does that shit while I’m watching him shit I’m out.Protect yourself that’s just some twisted shit.

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