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      To make a long winded story short, I work security, private sector, and we recently had something (sort of) happen while on duty. I know many want to know when and how the techniques of the SDTS have been used in fight, but is preventing and avoiding a fight not just as important. So, to that end, I wanted to state that techniques contained in the Protector CSI program were utilized to separate and control a situation nearing boiling point. The incident cleared without ever having to use more force than come -along techniques. No arrests, no fight, no citations, I mean, shoot, the guys involved weren’t even asked to leave the property. I, personally, would label that a qualified success.

      There were a number of other utilized features of SDTS in the situation as well, such as maintaining a distance, balance, and position of advantage. And of course, I must give credit where credit is due to the bystander that assisted by keeping the (would have been) “victim” where I had placed him, so I could position better to deal with the aggressor.

      Now, a little shameless self plug…The above situation is exactly why I pursued becoming an instructor for SDC. I have utilized and benefitted from many of the techniques that the SDTS offers before ever having found the SDTS. As I became more familiar with the content available here with SDTS, I realized the value of what I was seeing as someone who had studied this stuff independently, and through various courses, drills, exercises, and experiences. However, to compile the extent of what I had researched, it took YEARS of diligent seeking, earning trust, building rapport, and generally putting myself in some really bad and dangerous situations to test myself and abilities.

      The SDTS takes all those years searching, and getting a little nugget of gold in the quagmire of information out there, and puts everything you need to know in one place, with certified instructors to work directly with you to ensure you are receiving the most out of our self studies. There are plenty of extras and “overkill” materials as well (scope out operation phoenix, or maybe take a look at some hard to find publications in the SDC library).

      Anyone can do this, and everyone needs some type of self defense training to be in line with taking personal responsibility for yourself.

      All that being said, welcome, and don’t hesitate to reach out, maybe for an intro lesson, or a training program to work directly with us instructors to deliver a customized plan to fit your unique personal defense needs. *link to my instructor page below*

      ~Nate the Norseman – Level 3 SDC Instructor – “Embrace challenge”

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      This is great to know! I can tell before even using the methods that they will work.

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