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Sometimes it’s so simple you have to be shown…

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      James Goolsby

      [Damian Ross],

      You know, boss, one of the things I love about you and SDTS/GDT is that you keep it so damn simple. Nothing fancy or showy, just stuff that works in the real world. And yet, as simple as the system is, sometimes it is SO simple that you have to be shown.

      Case in point… I was talking defensive tactics with a few of my fellow officers the other day. And I did a demo of your technique where, when in a clinch, you basically just start toe-kicking the dirtbag in the ankle. Now, as simple as this may seem, would you believe that several of the officers actually stated that they had never thought of that before. Ever! It just never occurred to them that something as mundane as a solid pop to someone’s ankle would be so devastating. But even within our admittedly limited training session, where we barely even touched one another’s ankle, you could see their eye’s light up. Just an ever-so-slight “love” tap and they immediately understood how damaging such a move could be if thrown full force.

      It’s amazing that your system is so simple. But, at the risk of sounding like I’m slighting you (which, of course, I am not), it’s even more amazing that you have to teach it. The idea that we all — myself included!!! — have to be taught something that should be so intuitive just boggles the mind.

      Thanks for everything you do. Wink

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      That’s the beauty of this system and I love it. Growing up I never thought of a edge of hand more than a judo chop from the movies. I never thought to use it as a defense, and never thought to throw it horizontal only vertical as when breaking boards. Another example of something so easy we had to be shown. SDTS… So easy, you have to be shown…

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