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      This discussion comes as a continuation of one started in “the un-killable soldier”. Damian and I were talking about the indomitable human spirit, surpassing our limits, etc. Damian posted a phrase he likes “when you feel like your f-ed, your probably only half f-ed.”

      That phrase made me think of an issue that the younger generations face today. Basic problem solving and perseverance are no longer taught or expected, much less surpassing our perceived limits.

      I had a conversation with my oldest child about 3 years ago. The gist of the conversation went something like “if I think I’m going to fail I’ll just quit. There is no point to trying at that point.” I was absolutely gobsmacked and immediately set about correcting it. After working in the school system and working with youth in general the last few years, I can tell with a certainty that kind of thinking is being indoctrinated. The system wants people who quit the moment a person experiences the slightest discomfort. They want mindless sheeple who rely on the “government”/“elite”. Those youth who participate in sports get to see a different side, but even most sports/competition have been neutered, and less and less youth are participating in “active” activities.

      The good news is it’s not “everyone” and it can be corrected.

      What is everyone else’s take/experience with this phenomenon?

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