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      James Goolsby

      [Damian Ross],

      Thanks a lot, you bastard… I friggin’ peed my pants when the Double Axe Hand “soundtrack” kicked in. LOL

      I’m really showing my age even recognizing that, huh? You’re the best! Smile

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      Lmao I had to go find that. I’m just a little bit younger than you guys but still watch Star Trek hehe.

      And to link it to SDTS
      Archie – I’m giving her all she got sensi.
      Damian – grip it and rip it, repeat as needed.
      Soundtrack music plays


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      HAHAHAHA – yeah that was my editor- forgot about that. Smile

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      There I am training, work up a sweat, then watch this unit, and there it is, with the fight music. I am glad that the Self Defense Company has a great sense of humor. I needed that laugh and Damian’s other comments are great too like when you are doing the nut grab when he made the joke about grabbing another mans nuts. Priceless. Thanks Damian I am having a blast with the system and material.

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      Oh I forgot maybe Damian can add in the other James T Kirk move, the punch to the stomach, the guys bends over, Kirk hits him with a double hand fist to the back of the neck and kicks him i the butt. That was always a good one.

      I have to admit I like this better then another scene from a DVD that a competitor did he used the script from the Star Wars Bar scene, but forgot to add the music., that would have made the scene. It was from Chris Pizzo’s Scientific Self Defense.

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      Thanks Dave – Love Kirk, the old punch to the gut- he would fight and or hump anything in the galaxy.

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      Yeah they just don’t make role models for kids like that anymore LOL

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