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Vince Young…Sucker Punch?!?!

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      Former NFL Quarterback Vince Young was ‘knocked the F@@@ out” in a recent bar brawl. Young who is 6’5″, 250lbs was dropped with one shot by a MUCH SMALLER person.

      Full video on TMZ here:

      Now people call this a sucker punch…and to be clear this isn’t. I would say that there’s literally NO SUCH THING as a sucker punch. You’re either paying attention…or you’re not.

      In this case…this is an altercation. There was a lot of words, pushing and shoving…typical barroom bullshit. What you’re seeing is what happens when you decide to take the initiative and HIT FIRST. You usually win.

      This is not a sucker punch. This is how you win a fight.

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