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“Destroy Anyone Stupid Enough to Mess with You or Your Family Without Having to Set Foot in a Self Defense Class with this Almost Forgotten System of Self Defense.”

For People Who Want to Learn REAL Self Defense but Never Had the Time (or the Money) to Do it.

“When the Moment of Truth Arrives,
the Time to Prepare Has Passed.”

Introducing The Self Defense Training System™, a step-by-step program that uses proven, brutal and easy battlefield tactics and puts them into a modern learning system that will cut your time in training to less than a fraction of traditional martial arts.  

It’s no surprise that The Self Defense Training System is disrupting the multi-billion dollar martial arts industry. 

The Truth is – You don’t need a Black Belt to defend yourself, I should Know, I have three… In just a few clicks you’re going to  know MORE about self defense than most Black Belt Masters pretend to know…guaranteed or your money BACK!

In the first 10 minutes I’m going to give you something that you can use RIGHT NOW to protect yourself. 

What Do You Get with a Membership to this Network?

Instant access to everything you ever wanted (or imagined) to know about close quarters combat.
From Escape and Evasion to Quick Kills and Close Quarters Weapons…We leave NOTHING OUT. 

You’ll get The Self Defense Training System and all of the 19 (and counting) Self Defense Company Programs.

That’s over 
19 Programs with 600 plus lessons and drills.

  • No Classes to Attend
  • No Partner Needed
  • Instant Access to On Demand Training Videos
  • Downloadable Step-by-Step Training Manuals
  • Around the Clock Support from Instructors and Members
  • Go at Your Own Pace
  • No Need to be in Shape
  • No Experience Necessary

Make no mistake…this is as brutal as it gets. In fact in this “politically correct world” it’s too brutal to teach in the Police Academy and the Military has replaced this with predator drones and night vision. 

No Gym, No Time…NO PROBLEM

We have proved time and time again that you don’t need a fancy gym with some maniac instructor in your face to know exactly how to destroy anyone stupid enough to mess with you and your loved ones. 

All you need is the 12-Step, Push Button Self Defense Training System™ to get effective self defense knowledge and skill in a FRACTION of the time of any martial art. 

We’re going to give you everything you need to know and show you EXACTLY how to do it right from home. 

Since 1998 we’ve helped thousands of people learn this exact same system (from the basic to the brutal) in this EXACT SAME WAY and now it’s your turn. 

If you can follow a simple exercise video, you can do this. 

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The Self Defense Training System™
Born in Battle, Christened in Combat

You are just a few clicks away from knowing more about REAL self defense than most black belt masters pretend to know. This isn’t a martial art, sport or ceremony. It’s not about collecting trophies and belts. This is tactical self defense that’s the a result of a century of research, development, trial and error in real life or death assaults.

From fighting opium gangs in Shanghai, China and killing Nazis in World War II to the mountains of Afghanistan and the streets of Camden, this almost forgotten system of self defense has saved more lives than ANY OTHER method of self defense or martial art in recorded history. The Self Defense Training System Combatives Program (SDTS) is the most effective and comprehensive close quarters combat program ever conceived. 

Self Defense Training System  Combatives is Where
Old School meets New School

Over the last two decades we have refined these techniques and put them into a progressive 12-step learning system simple called “The Self Defense Training System” or simply SDTS Combatives and you are moments away from cracking the SELF DEFENSE CODE.

Your Training Will Include: 

  • 18 plus On-Demand Training Programs through Streaming Video (over 500 lessons and drills)
  • Interactive Support from Certified Instructors and Training Members
  • Courses from Essential Self Defense, Escape and Evasion and Family Safe to Quick Kills, Edged and Impact Weapons and more, much more. 

When you complete your training you will be proficient in threat
identification, awareness and avoidance, non-lethal technology, striking, ground fighting, combat grappling, submissions, dislocations and all manner of weapons that cut, stab, slice, strike and bludgeon.

Do you want:

  • To protect yourself and your loved ones in the most DANGEROUS situations imaginable.
  • Skills that automatically “kick in” when you’re faced with REAL violence.
  • A proven method of self defense that transcends any martial art.
  • To learn on your own schedule, anytime, anywhere with or without a partner.
  • To connect with other like-minded self defense practitioners from around the world.

Our Promise:
This pure, simple and repeatable 12-step approach to the mastery of self defense is something ANYONE can do regardless of your age, size, physical ability, man or woman.

If you’re new to self defense, you’re going to come away fully prepared to deal with any threat to your life, home and family.

If you have martial arts experience, this system is going to bring clarity and purpose to your previous training once these tactics and principles are applied.

12 Steps to ULTIMATE Self Defense
Sound too good to be true?

We would think so too, but the here’s your proof…

Self Defense Company Founder Damian Ross has been teaching this EXACT system of defense to members of The Secret Service, The NYPD, Spec Ops Military and everyone from soccer moms to executives with dramatic and amazing results since 1998.

Step 1: Essential Self Defense
We’re going to show you exactly how to set up your training area, give you the pillars of self defense (Distance, Position, Momentum and Balance), show you how to stop the fight before it starts, exploit the 3 things every criminal fears and much more. 

Step 1: Essential Self Defense


pat-campbellDamian Ross is the real deal

I checked out his program The Self Defense Training System and was blown away. I carry a firearm and now I carry a firearm and do the Self Defense Training System.

-Pat Campbell, Radio Talk Show Host KFAQ Tulsa


Train Like the Experts for Pennies on the Dollar

Damian has literally trained THOUSANDS in this program with this EXACT step by step system and now you don’t have to travel, leave your family and friends behind and you don’t have to pay the $500 per hour fee Mr. Ross commands.

Thanks to modern technology you don’t need to find us, WE COME TO YOU. Right when you want us, exactly where you need us for a fraction of a fraction of the cost!

Every lesson, every drill and every instructor Damian has ever taught and trained is only one click away, right at your finger tips. 

There’s no waiting for the postman, no worrying if your package of DVDs was stolen or lost – with a few clicks you can join him and thousands of others RIGHT NOW.

Who the Heck is Damian Ross?

Damian Ross

If you don’t know Damian Ross already, he’s not only the founder of the Self Defense Company, he’s a world-renowned martial artist and self defense expert. He developed the Self Defense Training System over seven years of training of all types of people to protect themselves. 

Below are just a few his credentials:

  • 4th Degree Black Belt in Tekkenryu Jujutsu and Military Combatives (USA)
  • 4th Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do Self Defense (Brazil)
  • 2nd Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do (AAU)
  • 2nd Degree Black Belt Judo (USJF)
  • State and National Championships in Judo, Wrestling, Karate and Kick Boxing (USA)
  • Division 1 Wrestler for Lehigh University (Bethlehem, PA)
  • Hall of Fame Wrestler and Football Player (Ridgewood, NJ)
  • Former Bouncer and Bodyguard with NJ Conceal Carry Permit
  • Ranks in Brazilian Jiujutsu, Filipino Martial Arts, Burmese Bando and Wing Chun
  • Active Duty Bergen County Office of Emergency Management
  • Active Duty Fire Fighter

But before we continue, I need you to ask yourself one simple question, and please be brutally honest…

 How confident are you in your ability to protect yourself and your loved ones?
Some, a little, NOT AT ALL? 

If your worst nightmare came through your door right now, could you survive? Would you be able to protect others around you?

If you didn’t answer with a 100% confident, “HELL YES” then you’ve come to the right place and we’re going to change all that…. 

Step 2: Advanced Striking
Next you’re going to discover how to knock a grown man out cold with the softest part of your hand and turn literally every surface of your body into a weapon of mass destruction. 

Step 2: Advanced Methods of Striking

Do You Even Have a ‘Self Defense Plan’?

When faced with hypothetical self defense situation, most people answer with the proverbial “I’ll kick his ass” or “I’ll just shoot him with my gun.”

Really? What exactly is your plan to “kick his ass”? Are you going to depend on the skills you developed as a child or teenager fighting your classmates? And about your gun…


schmidttThere’s a harsh reality that a lot of gun owners just don’t get –
“What if, for whatever reason I can’t use my gun?”

Well, Damian Ross of the Self Defense Company has answered that question with one of the most effective and comprehensive self defense training programs I have ever seen. He and his team give you everything you need to know from unarmed tactics to weapon retention.

Pay close attention, your life may depend on it.

-Tim Schmidt, President, US Concealed Carry Association.


A Firearm for Self Defense is NOT ENOUGH

Look, owning a gun is only part of the self defense solution. If you live in a place that allows you to own and carry a gun you still need to get to your weapon, aim and fire and make sure you injured your attacker enough to stop him. Most “fights” start at a 3 foot distance (conversation range) and that is not enough space to give you the time to draw, aim and fire.

The vast majority of people (even cops) will have to fight before they draw their weapon. And if your weapon mis-fires, or you miss or you hit him with EVERYTHING and he STILL keeps coming…now what?!?!

A realistic and effective approach to self defense includes awareness, non-lethal weapons, edged and impact weapons, empty hand techniques, escape and avoidance strategies as well as firearms.

The Self Defense Training System 12 Step Combatives Program is going to give you everything you need to know (we’re even going to show you how to KEEP your firearm from falling into the hands of the bad guy).

Truth is, beyond a schoolyard scuffle, most people have NO IDEA what happens in a real fight until its too late.

The REAL stress of a life or death struggle with someone who is intent on injuring, raping or killing you goes far beyond the barroom blow hard and the schoolyard scuffle.

Step 3: Ground Fighting for Keeps

Step 3: Ground Fighting
Destroy ANY grappler with this viscous system. While they’re playing a game, you will be playing for keeps. Discover how to avoid going to the ground and how to escape from any position. If you think you’re going to be fighting fair…think again. 

You’re Already Engineered for Self Defense
(You just need to know how to take advantage of it)

When faced with a dangerous situation, your “fight or flight” response takes over and the things you thought you could do, you can’t and the things you want to do, you won’t.

You will lose control of your finite motor skills and cognitive reasoning the split second you’re faced with a legitimate threat. Some people refer to this as your “animal brain” or “reptile brain”. This is when your sympathetic nervous system (SNS) takes over and you go from thinking to acting.

Unfortunately you can’t replicate effect of the SNS in training. No matter how hard or how physically demanding your training is, you can’t trick yourself into activating your SNS because it ONLY happens when you believe the threat is real.

The best thing, the only thing you can do is practice skills that you will be able to perform under SNS activation.

And that’s EXACTLY what SDTS Combatives does for you.

It allows you to access the tools that millions of years of evolution have given you to  survive and protect. 


ts-penntellerWe tried to prove Damian was full of it, but failed!

We featured Damian and his techniques on our world famous TV show “Penn and Teller’s Bullshit!” in an effort to prove he was full of it, but guess what? We FAILED! Damian and his training system, the SDTS is the real deal. No Sh**! Check out the show episode yourself!
-Penn and Teller, World Famous Entertainers and Illusionists.


Forget What You See In Martial Arts
and the Movies.  That’s not Self Defense.

Let’s put it this way, all of those fancy and complicated moves you see martial artists spend years perfecting GO OUT THE WINDOW and are useless in a real fight because you don’t have control of your finite motor skills and you’ve lost your ability to reason.

Step 4: Defense vs Grabs
No need to memorize endless counters to any possible attack. Once we show you how to break ANY grab or hold down to the primary self defense factors you will be able to decimate anyone stupid enough to put their hands on you.

Step 4: Defense vs. Grabs and Holds

FACT: you will only be able to perform a handful of simple, powerful techniques.

Simple, large movement core skills are what you’re going to get in the SDTS Combatives program. The good news is this makes them easier and faster to learn and you will retain them a lot longer than complicated, athletic movements. 

These skills will enable you to take advantage of your SNS or “fight or flight” mode and allow you to harness the full power of that adrenalin dump and direct it with laser focus.

Members have reported that just after several hours of training their skills automatically kicked in when they were attacked.

After completing the SDTS 12 Step Combatives Program You will not freeze, you will not falter – you will act with extreme, brutal precision.

We’re going to show you how to avoid the embarrassment and shame associated with being attacked and NOT knowing what to do.

There’s nothing more degrading than someone taking something from you by threat of violence or use of force. No one should have to suffer through the indignity of feeling of powerlessness.

 Step 5: Escape and Evasion
Threat assessment, awareness and avoidance are only the beginning. In this module you’ll discover how to use techniques that limit your body weight, create space and allow you to escape from much larger and multiple attackers. 

Step 5: Escape and Evasion

Today is the day you TAKE CONTROL without:
  • Going to a “dojo” guru.
    Your expert is waiting for you, right here, right when you want him. You can even schedule a LIVE online training session!
  • Getting to a class.
    There aren’t any classes to attend – you train at your own schedule from anywhere in the world. No rushing out the door to the studio or even changing your clothes. When you’re ready, we’re ready.
  • Training for years.
    All of the sport and ceremony has been eliminated. You’re getting pure, hardcore self defense: simple, effective and brutal. All it takes is 20 minutes a few times a week.
  • Being the world’s strongest person.
    We are going to show you how MOMENTUM can turn you into a bigger, stronger, immovable object of destruction. 

If you can follow a simple exercise video, you can do this.

You will know exactly how to exploit ANY attackers weakness – if you can leave your house, you will be able to defend yourself with this system.


Self Defense HeadlocksThe Self Defense Company Combatives Programs is exactly what I’ve been searching for all of my life.

I learned more in 6 weeks than a much younger and stronger me learned in one year of martial arts, three years of wrestling and Army Ranger Combatives Training!!!

Plus I’ve been able to train on my own schedule, which fits perfectly into my hectic schedule.

-Doug Welch, US ARMY Ranger, Kabul Afghanistan


WARNING: This program is NOT for the timid.
  • If you have moral, religious of philosophical issues with injuring someone who wants to rape or murder you: THIS PROGRAM IS NOT FOR YOU.
  • If you’re not willing to do whatever is necessary to
    protect the people you love: THIS PROGRAM IS NOT FOR YOU.
  • If you are willing to hit, stab, bludgeon, gouge, claw,
    kick bite, spray and use whatever means to survive: 


Step 6: Body Conditioning
This is how you turn your body into a piece of iron. We’re going to show you how to prepare all of your attack and target areas for REAL combat using ancient training methods with a modern twist. 

Step 6: Body Conditioning

You’re in the right place if you’re ready to transform yourself by unleashing your inner warrior.

Every living creature on the planet has the right to defend itself – you’re no different.

Like a mama bear protecting her cubs, it’s your natural instinct – we’re going to show you EXACTLY how to turn that instinct into raw power with laser focus.


heinzeThank you Damian for creating and sharing the Self Defense Company Combatives programs. I learned more in Module 1 of your program than I did in other complete courses from other (not to be named) companies.
Your style is honest, direct and you don’t hold back and you give your student’s their money’s worth!
Keep up the good work and again, thank you.
-Walter R. Heinz, AZ


Make No Mistake: You Do NOT Need to Be in Shape to Start this Self Defense program, but you will need to get off your a$$ and practice. 

In fact, if you’re not in shape, you’re going to kill two birds with one stone: Learn how to destroy anyone who messes with you or your family AND get in incredible shape at the same time!

I’m sure you’ll agree, 6 pack abs are nice, but 6 pack abs combined with the skill to knock a grown man out with the softest part of your hand is a helluva lot better!

Step 7: Combat Physical Training

Step 7: Physical Training (PT)
Amp up your training with these combat specific training circuits and exercises. Skip the gym. All you need is a little space and you can get into amazing shape using these High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) programs. 

Remember: DENIAL is the Biggest Killer of them All

Don’t listen to the Sheep who tell you that knowing how to protect your family and loved ones is not a necessity.

Just because you may live in a nice neighborhood, have a cushy job, obey the law and have never been in a fight in you’re not immune to violence.

Some people think because they’re not a cop, bouncer or soldier their chances of encountering real violence are slim, right?

Step 8: Weapons Defense
No need to memorize a completely different set of defenses for weapons. In Module 8 you’re going to learn exactly how to apply the skills you already know to any edged (knife), impact (club) or projectile (firearm) attack. 

Step 8: Weapons Defensive Tactics

Think again, the FACTS tell a different story…

  • There are an estimated 1,214,462 violent crimes committed every year in the United States (that statistic is on the rise by almost 1% each year).
  • Aggravated assaults make up 62.6% of violent crimes reported to law enforcement.
  • Robbery offenses account for 29.2%, rape 6.9% and murder 1.2%.

Some will argue that the 62.6% is actually 2 to 3 times greater when you look at hospital records that have treated injuries normally associated with violence.

Look, chances are you can go through life hoping and praying you don’t take a wrong turn, a meeting doesn’t go late or someone doesn’t pick your nice home to invade.

Personally, I don’t want to live a life in constant fear, hoping I won’t have to deal with the wolves that prey on the weak.

There are some things you can’t control – the weather, the economy, disease, taxes, healthcare, gun control…but the one thing you can control is your ability to survive and protect – SELF DEFENSE IS ONE THING YOU CAN CONTROL.

Don’t Forget to ‘Thank the Sheep’

Let’s face it, there will always be people who will never do anything to ensure their safety. They will deny the real threat of violence, live in fear, hedge their bets and hope that some criminal scumbag, disgruntled employee or psycho-student doesn’t punch their ticket.

Personally, I have to thank them for living in denial. Because they refuse to prepare, criminals will always have victims and fortunately YOU WILL NOT BE ONE OF THEM.

SDTS Combatives is your insurance against violence:
It’s better to have it and not need it,
than need it and NOT have it.

Step 9: Weapons Offensive Tactics

Step 9: Tactical Weapons
What is a close combat systems without any tactical weapon training (kind of useless). In Module 9 you’re going to learn a complete edged weapon (Knife) and Impact weapon (club, axe handle, bat). You’re going to apply the same techniques and tactics you already learned to fighting with a knife or a club. 

How Long Until You Start Reaping the Benefits of SDTS Combatives Self Defense? 

You will see results in just seven (7) Days if you can: 

• Practice 20 minutes a day, 2 times a week, YOU CAN DO THIS.

• Follow step-by-step instructions, YOU CAN DO THIS.

• Try your best, YOU CAN DO THIS.

Just follow the 12 sacred steps in the exact order…

WATCH the videos, then GO practice. Simple – No bullsh!t.

We show you EXACTLY what you need to do and how to do it.

We even show you how to set up your practice area for a fraction of the cost for one month of training at your local ‘kiddie-care’ karate dojo.

I and the other SDC Instructors will quick fix you instantly and make SURE you’ve done all the steps in the system correctly.

You Can Develop world-class close combat skills with our 12-step push button training process.

  • You don’t have to be confident, and you don’t have
    to be strong.
    Simply do what we say in the order we show you and the strength and confidence will find YOU.
  • You will have better skills than most working cops or soldiers faster than you ever imagined.
  • It’s simple and easy. All you have to do is follow the steps.  When you’re on this path and you find yourself facing a serious threat in a REAL LIFE or DEATH situation your training will TAKE OVER and you will know EXACTLY what to do without having to think.

The Self Defense Training System was developed over decades of actual warfare to be easily taught and replicated while being 100% effective.

Step 10: Take Downs
Some takedowns are made for sport and others are specifically for combat. Don’t make the rookie mistake of using a sport takedown in the street. Before you know it, you’re rolling around with your attacker while his buddies join the fight. The purpose is to drop him to the ground while you stay on your feet and Module 10 is going to show you how to do that. 

Step 10: Combat Take Downs

New to Self Defense? – You’ll get the skills you want without the frills and fluff of martial arts training (no sport or ceremony – just tactical self defense)

Experienced Martial Artist? – You’re in for a treat because this will bring clarity and purpose to your previous training.

Working in Harm’s Way?–  We’re going to dramatically improve your chances of coming home alive.

BE ADVISED – You will not find this kind of Self Defense training anyplace else.

We’re going to show you how to handle ANY dangerous situation without your having to complete SEAL training or take years of classes and competing for trophies. 


ts-bloomfieldAs a cop, I need this every day.

As a police officer on the streets, I appreciate what the Self Defense Company is doing for communities. Not only are families much safer, but so are we because of the advanced training methods that supplement our police training. I am grateful for your products!

-Lawrence Bloomfield, Police Officer, Prince George’s County, MD


A Century of Brutality and Warfare Went into Creating the Self Defense Training System Combatives Program. 

The science and research behind SDTS Combatives began in the early 1900’s and was conducted by British and U.S. military and law enforcement . This research examined all of the known martial arts and self defense systems and tested them in real combat. They eliminated all of the sport and ceremony until ONLY the most effective and combat proven methods remained.

The result of this exhaustive research and development was a system of close combat that was simple, easy to learn and brutally effective.

This early tactical system of self defense defeated the Nazis in WWII, the Chinese Drug Triads in Shanghai and still remains the method of choice above all other close combat  systems for people who deal with violence on a regular basis.


ts-hubbleI have been studying and teaching traditional martial arts. It’s replete with rewards and positive attributes, but self defense is something all together. That’s why I teach the Self Defense Company’s Combatives Programs above anything else.
In 60 minutes or less, I can teach ANYONE how to protect themselves and their loved ones. This has not only expanded my school, but has made me a complete instructor.
-Tony Hubble, Owner, Hubble Martial Arts, AZ


Before Krav Maga and any other “reality based” martial arts system there was this combatives program…and we’re giving it to you in its pure, uncensored, brutal form delivered in a modern, learning program called SDTS Combatives.

Step 11: Old School Weapons
Black Jacks, Knuckle Dusters and Straight Edge Razors are just a few of the toys you’ll learn how to play with in Module 11. Knock a mugger out with $10 or get the most out of a cheese cutter. The kicker is most of these weapons are readily available, cheap and just as deadly as ever. 

Step 11: Old School Weapons

Time for a Self Defense Gut Check

Do you feel like you wouldn’t know what to do if you were attacked?

Do you feel like your current training hasn’t fully prepared you for the dangers you might face?

That’s good because I felt that way too…

Because of my martial arts background I was tapped for bouncing and security jobs. I was always able to handle my business until one night I got into a scuffle in a bar and I did what I always did – an MMA style double-leg takedown to “ground and pound”.

Before that night, the MMA approach to self defense always worked…but not this time. 

After I took the guy down and got on top of him, I felt a sharp blow to the back of my head and then a sharp pain in my back. After that, I blacked out for what could have been 10 to 30 seconds.

To this day I still don’t know how I escaped. At the time I thought that was how the cookie crumbled: I was out numbered and out matched.

I didn’t realize that  it was my martial arts training and way of thinking that put me in that vulnerable position!

As luck would have it, I went to a seminar in combatives that my SWAT buddy arranged. It was there I discovered this system of self defense – the same exact one you’re about to discover, I would have been destined to put myself into situations that would have caused me serious injury or death.
My first Impression this system was that it was so simple and made so much sense that I could have thought of it…but that’s it’s genius and that’s why it works. 

The problem is martial arts “teach you” to fight fairly, to engage and DEFEAT your opponent. You spar, and you practice their version of self defense that still forces you to try to DEFEAT your attacker.

Why WAIT FOR HIM TO ATTACK when you can use this little TRICK to END the fight before it starts? 

Self defense has nothing to do with “winning” and everything to do with “surviving” this is 100% contrary to how you’re trained in martial arts.

Surviving at all costs by whatever means at your disposal is the exact opposite of martial arts that promote fair play, honor and sportsmanship. 

No one will argue that those character traits are more important today than ever, but when it comes to surviving a rape, abduction or homicide you need to do the unthinkable to survive the impossible. 

Live your life honorably, but FIGHT DIRTY.

“FIGHTING DIRTY” is not a concept; it must be trained systematically and built in to everything you do.

With SDTS Combatives, you don’t “fight” anybody. You end it plain and simple – no muss, no fuss.


ts-macintyreSorority Girls Kick Ass with the SDTS.

Your program is certainly the most well-respected and popular one out there! It’s definitely a wonderful investment. My sorority in college actually used the at-home training and it’s stuck with me over the last few years!

– Lacey Macintyre


Let me ask you..

What Value Would You Put on a Lifetime of Training? $50,000…$100,000???

When I think of all the nonsense I had to go through to get to this point I probably spent hundreds of thousands of dollars and 30 years of my life collecting and perfecting this program.

When you add up all the tuition payments, videos purchased, training camps, coaches, instructors, seminars, books , experts interviewed, travel…the list is endless. Don’t get me wrong, I had some great experiences and a few of them were worth their weight in gold and gave me exactly what I wanted, but the vast majority of them were a colossal waste of time.

I’ve slept on floors, stood out in a fields, danced with a knives, memorized over 38 forms and hundreds of different “self defense counters” only to discover that they didn’t work and NEVER performed in the real world like the “expert” claimed.

Step 12: Quick Kills

Step 12: Quick Kills
These assassination and killing methods are for educational purposes ONLY. You’ll discover century removal, neck dislocations and every method known to “theoretically”  end a life with just your bare hands (and boots). 

I have (almost) SEEN IT ALL

My reasons for developing this training was purely selfish – MY LIFE LITERALLY DEPENDED ON IT. Working as a bodyguard or strip club bouncer put me in some dangerous situations. 

Believe me…I looked at EVERYTHING.

I navigated the Krav Maga minefield, the MMA maze, Aikido and Russian Systema Magic, Submission Fighting,  Kick Boxing, Wrestling, Judo, Jujutsu, BJJ, TKD, Kung Fu, FMA, TFT – all the time, money and effort spent only to discover that most of this stuff is the same old shit – repackaged into a different shiny box.

Most people SAY and CLAIM the same things that we do, but when it gets down to what they actually do, it’s the same old complicated stuff or sport martial arts with an eye gouge and a kick to the nuts added so they can call it “street fighting.”

Like I said before, I met a lot of good, talented and tough people in the most unusual places, but at the end day it was the person’s athletic ability and willingness to act that made them successful – not the training itself.

In most cases – what the martial art expert did in the real world bared NO resemblance to what they practiced.

This SDTS Combatives system
is the ONLY method of self defense
that works exactly like it does in training.

You can choose to travel that same path I did (maybe you’re already on it) and if that’s the case I’ll meet you back here when you’re finished.

But if you want to skip wasting your time and money with all the “gurus” and “self proclaimed” masters and cut to the chase, right now…just click the button below and start training with me instantly and reap the benefits of my experience.

You’ll develop strength, confidence, a better body and professional grade skills that you can’t find anyplace else.

Bonus: 60 Minute Self Defense

Bonus: 60 Minute Self Defense
This is exactly what every adult and teen should know about self defense. Threat identification, avoidance, escape and evasion plus a “Combatives Core” training circuit. 

You will have skills that will NEVER degrade over time and the confidence that when the “Fit hits the Shan” your training will just kick in….Every. Single. Time.

•    You get the twelve steps.
•    You get expert instruction.
•    You get real time support.
•    You get a worldwide community by your side.

This is IMPOSSIBLE TO MESS UP because I won’t let you.

We’re going to make sure you complete your training.
We will hold your hand every step to make sure YOU DO NOT FAIL.
We make it impossible for you to screw this up.
We won’t stop until you’re transformed into an unholy force of nature.


• You don’t have to worry about any other big investments or upsells.
• We will NOT becoming out with a NEW and improved self defense- THIS IS IT.
• This is what works and there is NOTHING else to buy.
• You’ll get everything there is to know about close quarters combat; we leave nothing out.
• You’re just a few clicks away.

100% Guaranteed Success or You Pay Nothing.

Bonus: Family Safe
Turn your family into a mini-strike force. Give your kids the street smarts they need to escape and avoid larger predators and bullies, survive a home invasion and plan of action when separated from you or their class.

Bonus: Family Safe Program


ts-kinardI’m a college student with three jobs and I still find time to train! I’m and Self Defense Company Combatives Junkie!
This stuff is the GREATEST SH!T EVER!!!
I feel safe wherever I go – Thank you Damian.
-Steven Kinard, Student and SDC Junkie


So, Why Am I Doing This?
First, this is how I earn my living. I’ve been teaching people how to protect themselves since 1992. I’ve owned two schools and carved out a nice living for my family and me in prestigious Bergen County, NJ.

Running a school was nice, but I could only change the lives of people locally. I guess when you come to a certain point in your life where you have a enough money and security you want to do something more, something greater…you want a legacy.

I believe it’s everyone’s responsibility to leave the world in a better place than where you found it. Even in the smallest measure, if you could help or improve the lives of the people around you than yours is a life worth living.

Bonus: Guardian Program
This is the same program we teach cops and security personnel. You will learn cutting edge arresting, controlling and restraining techniques as well as weapon retention and come alongs based on the incredible SDTS Combatives. 

Bonus : Guardian Police Combatives

I want to change the way the world views self defense. I want to give every good person who wants them the tools to live a safer and happier life.

Look, I could have hitched my wagon to MMA, Grappling or even Krav Maga. It would have been much easier to capitalize on those trends in martial arts– but they’re not the answer.

The Truth About Self Defense is:
Self Defense is a Simple Life Skill, Not a Lifestyle or a Lifetime Commitment.

EVERY man, woman, young or old, big or small, strong or weak who does this program will have a fighting chance against the animals that think they can take whatever they want from anyone who happens to cross their path.

Study martial arts if you want to, know self defense because you need to.

Thank you for stopping by and I hope to meet you on the inside.

Until next time…

Train Honestly,


Damian Ross
Founder, The Self Defense Company



ts-bonaduceI thought I was a real fighter!

I’m a Black Belt and I’ve been in my share of fights. The SDTS taught me things I never even conceived. It’s an awesome training system and there is nothing out there like it. Trust me, give it a shot and you won’t be disappointed.

-Danny Bonaduce, Television and Radio Personality, Martial Artist and Former Child Star


100% Guaranteed Success or You Pay Nothing.

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