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The Self Defense Training System (SDTS) is so effective that you will see results in literally 6 sessions or less. This train at home program uses a method called COMBAT CONDITIONING to hardwire CORE COMBAT SKILLS into your system that will just KICK IN when you need them most…even if you haven’t practiced in years.

Created by Instructor Damian Ross, the SDTS has over 400 lessons and drills on demand from any device. The program uses active resistance, physical training and mental visualization or mind-setting to accelerate your training and give you the results you want, faster than you could ever imagine.



Getting to a class 5 times a week is not for everyone. I get it…you have a life, you don’t live in the gym so working out for an hour a day isn’t going to happen for a lot of people. Besides, you’re not going to find this system at your local martial arts school…


I’m sure right now you’re VERY SKEPTICAL. With all the fighting systems available out there, it seems insane to think that NO ONE ELSE HAS EVER SEEN THIS SYSTEM…AND LIVED.

old_shotHere’s the story…70 years ago this form of hand-to-hand combat was taught to commandos and special police tactical units. It was used to defeat the Chinese Drug Triads in Shanghai, the Nazi War Machine in WWII and served the OSS and then the CIA well in the height of the Cold War but then something happened…

Political Correctness.

During the Vietnam Era, these methods were deemed too brutal and inhumane for the police and even the military. As a result, the pencil pushing politicians dropped it from ALL CURRICULUMS…just like the chokehold.

Inhumane?!?…Tell that to the family whose child has been murdered or the woman who was just raped!

In spite of the best efforts of government to dictate how we should defend ourselves, these methods were still taught privately in “secret circles” of people who dealt with violence on a daily basis. If you knew the right person you could be introduced and if you were deemed worthy, you were invited back.

The goal was never to create a “martial art” or even to make money. It was to survive and the men and women who preserved these tactics did just that…in the worst places imaginable.

Damian Ross, the creator of the Self Defense Training System was in that “secret circle”. As a multiple black belt holder, bouncer and a body guard with a conceal carry permit he was putting his life on the line and to be honest, the martial arts he learned for self defense NEVER WORKED AS PROMISED – but this stuff did!

Since 1989, Damian has used and tested these methods. Over the course of several years he developed a system of training people in these tactics using modern learning techniques. Later he developed this train at home program so people could learn these brutally effective methods without having to travel or take time off from work.

  • How it Works
  • Discover Core Combat Skills
  • What You Get
  • History of the SDTS

How it Works




Combat Conditioning accelerates your ability to learn physical action. Through observational learning (video) and practice in a specific progressive pattern the neuroplastistic capabilities of the human brain are activated. It creates a specific physical behavior based on what you see and pairs the correct neurons together.

The result: the brain neurons that fire together, wire together.

This is how you get INSTINCTIVE SKILLS that can be immediately recalled under stress, even if you haven’t practiced in YEARS!




And these weren’t Super Soldiers or SWAT Teams, these were regular people, with busy lives, some of whom hadn’t worked out in DECADES!

When you complete your SDTS training you will be proficient in threat identification, awareness and avoidance, non-lethal technology, striking, ground fighting, combat grappling, submissions, dislocations and all manner of weapons that cut, stab, slice, strike and bludgeon.

Discover Core Combat Skills

CORE COMBAT skills are why the SDTS Succeeds Where Other Self Defense Systems FAIL

There’s something that happens to all of us when we feel our life is in danger and you can’t replicate it in training – it only happens when you BELIEVE you might die or be seriously injured.

Hormones are released and your Sympathetic Nervous System (SNS) takes over. As your heart rate increases your cognitive and motor skills deteriorate.

This is different than increasing your heart rate with exercise, this is FEAR induced and it automatically happens to EVERYONE and it can not be turned off.


Notice in  the chart, Complex and Gross Motor Skills are the only types of movements that work under fight or flight conditions.  Overall there are three types of motor skills:


fine_motor_skillsGross motor skills involve large muscle groups and involve acts like walking, running and crawling.

Complex motor skills are actions like swinging a bat, or a somersault.

Fine motor skills involve the wrist and the smaller joints, actions like a wrist lock or a gun disarm are fine motor skills.

Gross and Complex Motor Skills are optimal for Self Defense, THOSE ARE YOUR CORE COMBAT SKILLS.

The simpler the skill, the easier it is to perform under fight or flight conditions, the faster it is to learn and the longer you can go without practice.

Most martial arts teach primarily fine motor skills for self defense.  Even throwing a technically correct punch requires proper hip, torso, arm and wrist movement.

By using these Core Combat Skills, the SDTS takes ADVANTAGE of your natural FIGHT OR FLIGHT reaction and channels that adrenaline rush to laser focused POWER.

It’s the combination of these techniques and Combat Conditioning that will let your skills KICK IN when you need them most.

What You Get



400 On Demand video Lessons and Drills in the SDTS Elite Program

13 Downloadable Manuals

Live 24/7 Internet Support from Instructors and Peers

Plus an Additional 233 Video Lessons and Drills in the Bonus Program

All On Demand from Any Device

The COMPLETE Self Defense Company Library (Over 100 Titles)

Certificates of Completion for Every Module


Module 1: Essential Self Defense

We’re going to show you exactly how to set up your training area, give you the pillars of self defense (Distance, Position, Momentum and Balance), show you how to stop the fight before it starts, exploit the 3 things every criminal fears and much more.

Module 2: Advanced Striking

Next you’re going to discover how to knock a grown man out cold with the softest part of your hand and turn literally every surface of your body into a weapon of mass destruction.

Module 3: Ground Fighting

Destroy ANY grappler with this viscous system. While they’re playing a game, you will be playing for keeps. Discover how to avoid going to the ground and how to escape from any position. If you think you’re going to be fighting fair…think again.

Module 4: Defense vs Grabs

No need to memorize endless counters to any possible attack. Once we show you how to break ANY grab or hold down to the primary self defense factors you will be able to decimate anyone stupid enough to put their hands on you.

Module 5: Escape and Evasion

Threat assessment, awareness and avoidance are only the beginning. In this module you’ll discover how to use techniques that limit your body weight, create space and allow you to escape from much larger and multiple attackers.

Module 6: Body Conditioning

This is how you turn your body into a piece of iron. We’re going to show you how to prepare all of your attack and target areas for REAL combat using ancient training methods with a modern twist.

Module 7: Physical Training (PT)

Amp up your training with these combat specific training circuits and exercises. Skip the gym. All you need is a little space and you can get into amazing shape using these High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) programs.

Module 8: Weapons Defense

No need to memorize a completely different set of defenses for weapons. You’re going to learn exactly how to apply the skills you already know to any edged (knife), impact (club) or projectile (firearm) attack.

Module 9: Tactical Weapons

What is a close combat systems without any tactical weapon training (kind of useless). In Module 9 you’re going to learn a complete Knife Fighting System and a Complete Club/Stick fighting System. You’re going to see how quick and easy you can apply the techniques and tactics you already know to stick and knife fighting.

Module 10: Take Downs

Some takedowns are made for sport and others are specifically for combat. Don’t make the rookie mistake of using a sport takedown in the street. Before you know it, you’re rolling around with your attacker while his buddies join the fight. The purpose is to drop him to the ground while you stay on your feet and Module 10 is going to show you how to do that.

Module 11: Old School Weapons

Black Jacks, Knuckle Dusters and Straight Edge Razors are just a few of the toys you’ll learn how to play with in Module 11. Knock a mugger out with $10 or get the most out of a cheese cutter. The kicker is most of these weapons are readily available, cheap and just as deadly as ever.

Module 12: Quick Kills

These assassination and killing methods are for educational purposes ONLY. You’ll discover century removal, neck dislocations and every method known to “theoretically” end a life with just your bare hands (and boots).


1. Bonus: 60 Minute Self Defense
This is exactly what every adult and teen should know about self defense. Threat identification, avoidance, escape and evasion plus a “Combatives Core” training circuit.


2. Bonus: Family Safe

Turn your family into a mini-strike force. Give your kids the street smarts they need to escape and avoid larger predators and bullies, survive a home invasion and plan of action when separated from you or their class.


3. Bonus: Guardian Police Combatives

This is the same program we teach cops and security personnel. You will learn cutting edge arresting, controlling and restraining techniques as well as weapon retention and come-alongs based on the incredible SDTS Combatives.


History of the SDTS

Before Krav Maga and any other “reality based” martial arts system there was DEFENDU…

…and we’re giving it to you today in it’s pure, uncensored, brutal form delivered in a modern, learning program called the SDTS.





This is coming from someone who has 3 Black Belts and owned 3 schools!

MARTIAL ARTS and combat sports are great to build confidence, get exercise and learn about fair play, but they’re governed by style and rules that are focused on SAFETY and SPORT and NOT SPECIFIC to SELF DEFENSE.

Martial Arts are DESIGNED to Keep You Training Longer and More Often (the longer you stay, the more you pay…)

The Result: 90% of what you learn in a typical Martial Arts class has very little STREET VALUE. What is useful is lost because it’s mixed in with all of the other traditional and sport techniques.






In fact in this politically correct world. The SDTS is too brutal for the Police Academy and the Military who have opted for “kinder and gentler” methods that get cops and soldiers killed – but hey, what do they care…it’s cheaper to pay the death benefit than to defend them in court!

Still skeptical? Ask your cop, soldier or black belt friend the last time they learned how to use Brass Knuckles or Black Jacks. Then ask them when they practiced neck dislocations…or how to fight out of an angry mob…or even the proper way to attack the testicles (do they even practice it?!?!)

Martial arts do a great job of telling you to “strike the groin”, but how do you actually practice it with 100% full force? Usually you pretend to do it and it’s a given that it works.

In the Street…PRETENDING to HIT and PULLING YOUR PUNCHES in class isn’t GOOD Enough…it will GET YOU KILLED.

How you Practice is How you Perform.

In the SDTS you train 100% power all of the time. This is the ONLY WAY to make sure you’re skills will work when you need them most.


Over the years the system has worked for men AND WOMEN from 13 to 80. All of them reporting the same results – before I knew it, the SDTS just KICKED IN and the guy was on the ground.



  • Bare-handed killing methods that you will never see anywhere else.
  • How to quickly “break down’ an attacker twice your size and weight…turning him  into a pile of bleeding beef at your feet in a matter of seconds.
  • Learn to move like a freight train… become untouchable
  • The most devastating punch ever thrown by a man against another man…a move  that can stop a heart, yet will not hurt your hand
  • How to flip monster-sized attackers as easily as tossing a box of cereal across the  room (breaking his back, and pulverizing his guts in the process)
  • Escapes and reversals from every position known to man (and inflicting crushing pain to the fool who put their hands on you)
  • How to really use weapons in life or death situations, and how to pluck them away  from those who mean you harm.
  • Sentry removal and assassination (Education Only)
  • Arm and neck breaks so simple, and so easy that you will scare yourself with what you will be capable of doing
  • Deadly trachea crushing chokes they don’t dare teach in any grappling school.
  • Even how to use a three-foot piece of rope or an axe handle to tear the head off your attacker!
  • Plus…hundreds of more easy moves that will shock and incapacitate ANY sized attacker.
  • And…”quick kill” moves you have NEVER SEEN BEFORE. Not anywhere. Not by anyone outside the SDTS Inner Circle.


Why? Because…you get a full, unconditional 30 day 100% Money Back Guarantee. Choose any program Bronze, Gold or Elite, and check them out for yourself. If you aren’t absolutely, beyond a shadow of a doubt, blown away by what you learn… just email us and we’ll refund your order. No forms to fill out, No hassles, either.

That means…you can log on, go through ALL of the training, learn, and even use everything you see…for an entire month….For Free!

That’s Right!  FREE!

Why am I being so generous? Easy. I know hard it is to believe what I’m telling you. There is so much bullsh!t in the martial arts world…so many “experts” touting nonsense… and so little “real” stuff…that you’d be insane NOT to be skeptical.

And…this really is everything I’ve said it is.

What the SDTS will reveal will change everything you know and believe about self defense. It will literally change your life…and it will happen… OVERNIGHT!

So I’m not worried about any financial bloodbath from this hyper-generous guarantee. I wouldn’t be trusting you with this stuff if you hadn’t managed to find your way to this site. And I would be astonished if you weren’t just as blown away as I was over this amazing fighting revelation.


I limit the sale of the SDTS Program to a few at a time… And if you don’t do this immediately, there’s a good chance someone else will take this offer.

You will NOT hear about these skills anywhere else. This will be the most ”inside the circle” material you are ever witness to in your life. People have risked a lot to get this information to you.

A lot of blood, sweat, tears and money have gone into creating the SDTS program. So Click Below right now.


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