“Finally a Bulletproof Jacket that won’t cost you an arm and a leg…
or a heart, a lung and a spleen!!!”

Looks Great, Feels Great- Not Heavy  
“Other bulletproof  jackets I tried in the past were very heavy, uncomfortable and bulky, but the Bodyguard is light, comfortable and doesn’t restrict my movement. Thanks again for a great product!” – Donald Reeder 

Life as we know it has changed and
there’s a harsh reality we ALL need to face…

Random acts of violence, active shooters, political riots and terrorism can strike anywhere, at any time without warning.

Our schools, churches and malls have become a SHOOTING GALLERY.

I don’t mean to sound over dramatic, but harsh times call for drastic measures.

Make no mistake…

And it’s not our cops and military in the line of fire, it’s YOU, YOUR family and YOUR loved ones ON THE FRONT LINE!!! 

The truth is by the time the police respond to an active shooter or a terrorist attack, it’s already too late and the damage is done.

You need something that will keep you safe during the initial assault.

You want something that will enable you to get to safety without being critically injured or killed.

Introducing the jacket that will SAVE YOUR LIFE…

Just like the police and military, you need something that will protect you against the unexpected and the unknown.

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In the past you had only
two options for bulletproof protection:

Bulletproof Clothing that costs $1,000, $2,000, $10,000 or more.
Most of it’s heavy, bulky, out of style or just too darn expensive for most folks.

Bulletproof Vests that cost $500 to $3000 and up.
But wearing a vest is uncomfortable, impractical and it makes you look like a terrorist yourself!

Let’s face it, you’re not going to put a vest on every time you run to the store….but you will throw on a jacket (you do that already!) 

What you want is finally here!!

Certified bulletproof protection that’s affordable, practical enough to wear every day and stealth enough so NO ONE will ever know you’re wearing it…

This is the Bodyguard™ Bulletproof Protection System!

Introducing the Bodyguard Tactical Jacket™,
Bulletproof Protection without the Attention and for a fraction of the cost…


Developed by world renowned self defense expert Damian Ross in conjunction with Israeli Military Contractors, the Bodyguard Bulletproof Jacket fills the gap that self defense can’t.

According to Mr. Ross “The Bodyguard is the next logical step in the evolution of self defense. There are just some situations where techniques and tactics aren’t enough…you need technology. And the Bodyguard is the answer, it’s more than just a jacket…it’s a person protection system.”

The Bodyguard™ is  National Institute of Justice (NIJ) Certified.

The Bodyguard Personal Protection System Features:

  • NIJ Certified Ballistic Protection Level 2A (STREET model) or Level 3A (BEAST model)
  • Universal Conceal Carry System for any handgun and both right or left handed shooters
  • Life saving protection
  • Lightweight design
  • 10% more protection than the competition
  • Our priority design Twaron® gives you military-grade protection
  • Convenient “zip in” modular design allows for easy maintenance
  • Industry standard 5 year warranty against product failure
  • Life Saving Guarantee – if this jacket saves your life WE WILL REPLACE IT FREE OF CHARGE (terms and conditions apply)
  • Stealth design will not attract unwanted attention
  • Made in Israel (our thoughts exactly)

The Self Defense Company® is an approved United States Government Contractor and the Bodyguard™ Jacket is an
NIJ Certified Ballistic Product.


From now on, you’ll have unshakable confidence knowing you’re prepared for ANYTHING that comes your way.

Custom Made to Order – Delivery 3 weeks

Each jacket is custom built to your size specification.
This allows us to keep a minimum in inventory and your cost down.

40% OFF and FREE SHIPPING on ALL Jackets!

This promotion ends:


Security Officer is “BLOWN AWAY”
Just received the BodyGuard STREET (Level 2A). WOW!… Somebody was really thinking outside the box of traditional body armor when they developed this versatile, cutting edge product! I highly recommend this product for anyone working in harm’s way! :) – Terry R.

You have two Lifesaving Models to Choose From:

Bodyguard STREET
$779 $467
From Small (38) to 5XL (58)

Level 2A NIJ Certified Ballistic Protection Designed for everyday civilian use, the STREET model will protect you against the majority of street crime and violence. It offers some blunt force trauma protection. Ballistic protection covers your vital organs, spine and centerline.

Weight approximately 3 pounds (1.36 kg)

Bodyguard BEAST
$995 $597
From Small (38) to 5XL (58)

Level 3A NIJ Certified Ballistic Protection Best suited for high-risk environments where you will need to absorb the attack and return fire. The 3A design will minimize blunt force trauma allowing you to function better under attack.

Weight approximately 5 pounds (2.67 kg)

Bodyguard Sizing Chart

*sizes run true to U.S. sizing

Where does the Bodyguard Bulletproof Jacket Protect?
(watch this brief video …)

  • The jackets are tested in NIJ certified labs under controlled conditions.
  • Testing your jacket will void warranty.
  • The Self Defense Company and the Bodyguard brand assume no responsibility if you attempt to use the jacket in a manner it was not intended.
  • The Self Defense Company and the Bodyguard brand assume no responsibility if the jacket FAILS against weapons for which it was not certified by the NIJ.
  • This product is for life saving purposes only.
  • Ballistic protection is guaranteed for 5 years.
  • The warranty is VOID if the ballistic protection is ripped, torn or damaged in ANY way.
  • The jacket will lose its ballistic integrity after it has been shot, stabbed or spiked and must be replaced.


Frequently Asked Questions:


If the jacket saves your life we will replace it free of charge. You will need to provide a police report or other documentation stating that it was a real event. In turn we will give you a replacement jacket and tell your story.

What size gun does the conceal carry system hold?

Our adaptable conceal carry design will fit any size handgun.

Where are the jackets made?

They are made exclusively for the Self Defense Company and the Bodyguard brand in Israel.

Can I upgrade protection?

Yes, just email customerservice@theselfdefenseco.com to upgrade your ballistic protection insert. However, it would be easier to purchase 2 Jackets: the STREET for everyday wear and the BEAST for when you’re going into hotter zones.

How heavy are the Jackets?

STREET approximately 3 pounds (1.36 kg) BEAST approximately 6 pounds (2.72 kg)

What’s the difference between 2A (STREET) and 3A (BEAST) protection?

Level 2A Protection will stop penetration of:

  • 9mm Full Metal Jacket round at 1,090 feet per second (332 meters per second) 40 Caliber Full Metal Jacket round at 1025 feet per second (312 meters per second)
  • 357 Magnum Jacketed Soft Point at 1,250 feet per second (358 meters per second) *This is sufficient for the vast majority of threats you will encounter in the street for civilian life.
  • You will receive more blunt trauma injury than the 3A however it is the thinnest and lightest and works best for concealment and comfort.

Level 3A Protection will stop penetration of all Level 1, 2 and 2A threats plus:

  • 9mm Full Metal Jacket at 1,175 feet per second (358 meters per second)
  • 357 caliber at 1400 Feet Per Second (427 meters per second)
  • 9mm at 1400 feet per second (427 meters per second) *sub machine gun velocity
  • 44 caliber magnum semi-jacketed hollow point at 1,400 feet per second (427 meters per second).

* 3A will give you the highest blunt trauma protection rating in soft body armor.

This is the best for very high-risk situations to cover more of the uncommon or unusual threats.

This minimizes blunt trauma injury to allow you to return fire more effectively.

Can I exchange a size?

Yes, but you will need to contact customer service for a Return Authorization Number, ship the jacket back and once its received we will send your replacement. Please use the sizing chart to avoid any mistakes. (measure twice, order once) Email customerservice@theselfdefenseco.com

Where does Bodyguard protect?

It covers your torso and all major organs just like a bulletproof vest.

How fast will I get my jacket?

You should receive your jacket in 4 to 6 weeks. All jackets are custom made to order (it keeps the price down). To check on the status if your order, email us customerservice@theselfdefenseco.com

Which Should I choose: STREET or BEAST?

Most civilians only need the STREET model. This will give you the life saving benefit to survive 90% of what you will encounter in the street. You can wear it every day and it’s not going to make you uncomfortable. However, if you’re in situations or areas that require maximum protection and you want to be able to receive and return fire, then the BEAST is the way to go.

The Self Defense Company® is an approved United States Government Contractor and the Bodyguard™ Jacket is an
NIJ Certified Ballistic Product.

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