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The 3 Count Chop Drill

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      James Goolsby

      Hey Guys,

      Just a quick piece of advice. If you are still working through this mod (and if you’re not, why not? The basics never get old!), pay particular attention to The 3 Count Chop Drill. As you will see in Mod 1, it is basically used as a drill and perhaps to get some good cardio in. But this little nugget returns with a vengeance in Mod 3 when you get to the mounted ground and pound stuff. So, train this drill for all it’s worth; it’s much more than “just a drill.” Wink

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      Love the 3 count chop. Set a timer for 30 seconds and let it rip. 30 on 30 off build up your total time over time. After a month I’m up to 6 mins before my arms go numb then I go some more. Gotta work past the lactic acid build up, that’s what builds that mindset that you can overcome a lot. Remember kids the human body can handle much more than you think.

      Plus I love the sound of the bag when your really going at it… Pop pop pop, pop pop pop.

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      Folks if you want to kick up the 3 count drill a little and have a BOB, Wave Master etc. strap him to a furniture dolly so he can move as you strike him. If you don’t have this option you can do this with a training partner using a pad, pillow or whatever your training partner can hold and you can hit lol. In module 1 you learn the 3 primary elements of a good self defense method are distance, balance and momentum. Training the drill with a moving target like this will let you work on taking the attackers balance while using your momentum to add power and take their balance. You are driving him back taking his balance learning to maintain your balance while striking and staying on his centerline keep them in the weakest position square to your 45 degree angle point of entry.
      Once you get the drills down on a stationary target start to practice all of your module 1 drills on a moving target. James you are right work module 1 over and over no matter what your skill level, revisit it often it is the foundation of the whole system. Also the moving target will add much more too the cardio benefit of the drills. I use the moving target concept in our combat fitness class. You can pick up a furniture dolly for cheap a new one cost $20 to $30 at places like Tractor Supply Company, used $5 or so, then purchase a ratchet strap another $5 or so to lock BOB down to the dolly and you’re ready to rock. For a few bucks you can take your training to a whole new level.

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      James Goolsby

      Great tip, JD. Thanks.

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      Great tip JD. I’m going to have to do this Monday when I train. I have a dolly left over from moving last December Kiss

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      Archie let me know how you like it, I personally love it, and it puts a lot more work in your workout. You may need to play with the weight a little to get the action you want but it gives you a more realistic feel of being in a scrap. You can also have a training partner push it towards you and practice shoulder stops, chin jabs, hand yoke, finger dart with whip kick etc. It’s a bad ass workout. You can start with a 30 second balls out beat down and work up to 3 to 5 minutes. You can pick up a training timer for cheap a small one that you can clip to your pants, shirt or where ever. Title has one that is audible and vibrates as well. You can program 1 to 99 rounds from 30 seconds to 5 minute rounds. If I’m doing 3 minute rounds, odd rounds is where I work and even rounds is where I rest. If you want to do 6- 30 second rounds program in 12-30 second rounds put it on auto work the odds and rest the even it will beep or vibrate every 30 seconds so you don’t have to keep track of the time. Let’s say you were working drills from module 2, build a barge of whoop ass, start with a single cupped hand blow, then double cupped hand blow then a couple of shoulder smashes throw in a couple of head butts and maybe a horizontal and vertical elbow or two. Just use the drills and your imagination, visualize an attack and how you would react to it. We all hope for a one strike cold cock if we are faced with an attack, but sometimes that’s not the case. Working the drills like this will get you in shape to last as long as needed, even a 30 second scrap fills like forever if it’s balls out. Also Module 6 is important sometimes you have to take a few to get where you need to be, and body conditioning will let you better take a strike that may sneak in. Module 5 teaches us the best the best thing we can do. But when that is not an option train to be the best damn weapon you can be. Train hard and honestly!

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      JD. Last night I strapped the wave master on top of my furniture dolly and it was a blast. I always finish my workouts with a few 30 sec rounds of 3 count chops, so after my session last night I strapped him in and went to work. First impression was like oh crap where did It go, then I realized it did add a lot of realism to try training. Most likly an opponent will not stay in the exact spot for you to smash him and neither did this. Chaseing it around my carport was a frustrating, fun, realistic good ol time. Damian always says it is ok to miss and boy what one inch of movement can do, haha that’s what she said Kiss but seriously tho, you do notice that you must press the fight and stay on him until the threat is neutralized. Great great idea, try it. Training honestly… on wheels Cool

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      James Goolsby


      Man, you guys rock! This sounds like a freakin’ blast. I can’t wait to give it a try.

      Archie, you have totally hit the nail on the head when you point out that an inch can make a difference. I just got my BOB in this afternoon and started working with it right away. I filled the base with water so it is a bit lighter than with sand, and it moves around pretty good now even without your dolly trick. Granted, I’m sure I’m not “chasing” it nearly as much as you are but, boy, that one or two inches makes a WORLD of difference. It forces you to adjust footwork, angles, and even power (i.e., short vs. long strikes).

      Now we just got to get together in person, put on a couple of RedMan suits, and beat the hell out of each other. We’ll call it… ummm…. The [Damian Ross] Ultimate Stay Out of the Hospital Challenge. No money, no trophies. You win by just not winding up in the emergency room! LOL

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      lol that would be great. For our bob try a little sand mixed with the water, it will add a little weight and to me it seems to make it bounce and wobble a little more. I have about 100lbs of sand and the rest filled with water. It makes it tough to move which to me is a little better feedback when your smashing it and trying to move it back even without the dolly.

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      I built a dolly and posted the directions years ago here:

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      Good deal Damian! Most folks probably have enough scrap material around the house to build a dolly or have a neighbor who does that wants to get rid of it. I love to train with BOB on a dolly. It keeps you sharp and lets you work that centerline and also allows you to feel that all important momentum factor. Push em back with whoop ass…. Laugh

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      I love the drills and especially the three chop drill. great cardio plus the speed training. I have not gotten a Bob yet but will order one next month when the money comes in, so I show up to Krav class early to practice with theirs. I have to thank everyone here. I have done other courses like this but Damian really put together something great. Everyone here has had great advice and has been very helpful.

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      Thanks Dave, just spread the word and one by one we’ll get the people close to us on the right page.

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      Andrew Matich

      That dolly with the bob trick sounds awesome I got to try it thank you!

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