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Where and what is the "Whip Kick" ?

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      In going through the material the the grade 1 certification exam, there is the mention of using the “whip Kick” but I cant seem to find any mention of it in the training material. So what exactly is a whip kick?

      Please advise.

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      The whip kick is simply a snap kick from where you are standing directed at a low line target ie the groin, shin etc. It’s not chambered like a typical karate style kick just snapped out convulsively. You can find it demonstrated in module 5

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      You can find the whip kick in Module 5 unit 36 lesson 19.

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      Thank you! I kinda guessed that was what it was, but was not completely sure. I had not gone that far in the material to have reached that lesson.

      Guess I will have to make it through a few more modules before I consider testing for my certifications just yet.

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      Glad to help. If at any point you aren’t sure where to find something or you have any questions feel free to ask and one of our instructors is always here to help.

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