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I’d like to get certified

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      From Brian:

      I have teaching credentials in a few other arts, but SDTS certification is something I’d like to explore. Although I’ve been working on the SDTS curriculum since Summer 2009, I know I’d learn a lot from the process. I’d like to think through teaching at a friend’s gym, and since I’d be using a lot of SDTS concepts anyway, there’s an argument for doing it right and earning my bonafides.

      I recognize you can’t issue a quote, but bottom line: roughly what is the dollar investment for most students who make it that far?

      Thanks for your help,


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      Hey Brian, great to hear from you…

      There are two routes. The SDC Instructor Program…https://www.myselfdefensetraining.com/become-an-instructor/
      Which is a full on business building and coaching program. You’re listed on the site and promoted through our network. You also have access a mentor and the instructor community.

      Of you can just get certified. There are 5 levels at $297 per level.

      The details and the requirements are here:

      Certification Center

      The other costs associated with this are any online or in person coaching session you have with a certified SDC Instructor.

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