Alone – Everyday Self Defense

Alone – Everyday Self Defense

Self defense class is nice – friendly training partners and instructors can create lifelong bonds that last beyond your training. However this type of self defense training is not psychologically conditioning you for the HARSH REALITY of being attacked when you’re ALONE.

Because chances are you will need to protect yourself when you’re alone.

Criminals, like predators, isolate their targets to increase the chances of success. The more people around you – the greater the chance the criminal will get caught, identified, injured or captured. That’s why they target victims they can isolate.

This is why it’s important that a large segment of your self defense training be alone and SELF MOTIVATED.

This will make you more self reliant and prepare you for the time when you’re faced with a REAL ATTACKER  – alone, with no one there to SUPPORT or ENCOURAGE you.

Pushing yourself, forcing yourself to go further and faster when you’re a lone is A LOT harder than when you’re training with your friends and will help you face an attacker who wants to take something you have and has ZERO regard for your life or well being.

This is why it’s important. 

Training alone forces you to look within for confidence and strength. Training parters are great to “get you off the couch” but you need to GET YOURSELF OFF THE COUCH.

Self defense is a journey best made alone.

It’s not only WHAT you train but HOW you train that makes the difference. Every aspect of your training must be considered

  • Practice in what you normally wear – if you go out in jeans and sneakers…well you better practice like that.
  • Train where you normally walk – if it’s on a hard floor, cement or asphalt you better get used to it.
  • Prepare for where you live – chances are you will be attacked where you LIVE, WORK and FREQUENT so it’s best to simulate those environments in your training. A gym, with a wide open floor plan is nice, but it’s not real. Chances are you can’t walk five feet in any direction without walking into something like a piece of furniture, a stair, curb or wall.
  •  Always be training (ABT) – anywhere, any time. Training doesn’t mean you need to set aside an hour, put on your gym clothes and practice. You must be READY TO GO — 24-7. Sick, injured, old or tired. You need to have a plan.
  • SELF DEFENSE is an EDUCATION. Reading an article or watching a video while you’re at work or waiting for your flight is all part of it. You need to train your mind to be actively aware around the clock, not just when you have a class.

Self defense is a life skill and you need incorporate into your every day life, because you need it…EVERY MINUTE OF EVERY DAY.

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