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Combatives Combo – Hand Yoke

The hand yoke from SDTS Module 2 is one of those “stealth” moves that looks like a grab more than a strike. That’s why Security and police LOVE this and…

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Quick Blackjack Billy Club Combination

Here’s a quick video of me working a combination with a Black Jack Billy Club from SDTS Module 11 in the Elite Training Program…. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DICSyu8LclE Empty hand techniques are the…

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The Elbow Spike

My instructor once told me…”Your favorite technique is the one that works.” And while I agree 100%…I can’t help but have a few personal favorites like this little sneaky move…….

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The Forward Drive – The Secret to Winning the Fight

“Always take ground, Always be Where He’s Standing.” This is the mantra of the Self Defense Company Instructor. Moving forward…driving forward takes control of TWO of the pillars of self…

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