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What if he puts his hands up?

Let me ask you this…if I handed you a chainsaw, would you care if your attacker puts his hands up?!?!? No, you would just cut through them and that’s exactly…

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Every Day Self Defense

Self defense is life skill that should fit your life…not the other way around.  You’ve been conditioned to believe that you need to spend a lot of time, money and…

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The $30 Training Dummy in 3 Steps.

Don’t over complicate things – if you can’t afford a training dummy…make one. I made this with a thai pad, fence post and some duct tape and it cost around…

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Is an Armed Person more Dangerous than an Unarmed Person?

The answer is unequivocally YES! Dangerous = able or likely to cause harm or injury. Whether you are legally or illegally armed – an armed person is more dangerous than…

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Self Defense Training in 2020

The way you learn to protect and defend yourself and your loved ones has changed as more and more people are using the Self Defense Training System to meet their…

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Self Defense Company Lebanon Promotes New Instructor

The Self Defense Company Lebanon promotes Ellie Saadeh to Level 1 Instructor. Instructor Mario Karam is proud to announce another member of his team is promoted to Instructor. This is…

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