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Self Defense Company on the DRS

Beirut, Lebanon – Self Defense Company Instructor Mario Karam made his TV debut on the DRS in Lebanon. Instructor Karam is a Level 3 Instructor with the Self Defense Company and…

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Self Defense Classes in Madison, Wisconsin

Security Officer Now Forming Self Defense Classes is Madison, Wisconsin. Meet Self Defense Company Instructor Nathan Willison He never stood for bullying in any sense. Growing up he had to…

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Hate Mail

#hehateme In spite of the thousands of people out there doing what we do…haters still gonna hate…       I’ve put a stop to watching this nonsense, so why…

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Self Defense Classes in Boston, MA

Doctor Sees Simplicity as the Key to Success in Self Defense   Having trained in Judo as a young teen I have always been interested in the martial arts and…

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Self Defense Classes in West Pasco, Florida

The Self Defense Company in now holding classes in West Pasco, Florida Meet Self Defense Company Instructor Nick Palumbo Instructor Palumbo is a retired law enforcement officer and  a certified…

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Self Defense Company Instructor Promotions

The Self Defense Company is proud to announce the latest round of instructor promotions.  Instructor Mario Karam Lebanon Promoted to Level 3 by Instructor Hutchings Instructor Mike Cottrill Canada Promoted…

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But what if they fight back?

Dear Sirs, I’m very disappointed in you 60 minute Self Defense Program, it seems like most if not all your “defenses” don’t account for the person fighting back.” -Dave M….

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