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The Hardest Thing About Self Defense

…is taking the first step to fight back. When you practice in a typical self defense class – it’s easy to fight back.  Someone is the attacker and the other person…

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The Self Defense Company Remembers 9-11

  September 11, 2001  List of World Trade Center Victims Gordon M. Aamoth, Jr. Edelmiro Abad Maria Rose Abad Andrew Anthony Abate Vincent Abate Laurence Christopher Abel William F. Abrahamson…

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The Ultimate Work Out – Damian Ross, The Self Defense Company

The Ultimate Work Out Develop Combative POWER, SKILL and FAST RECOVERY with this all inclusive regiment. You may think I’m a machine – train all day, fight and f#ck all…

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The Truth About Knife Fighting

This is what you should know about edged weapons…. The actual field studies regarding knife wounds and the effects of attacks on different target areas were pioneered by WWII commandos….

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