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One Shot Fight Enders – The Double Chin Jab

This is a GREAT inclose technique against a much larger and stronger attacker… …And if you’re someone who thinks they don’t have enough POWER to knock someone out instantly… think…

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One Shot Fight Enders – The Rock Crusher

The ROCK CRUSHER from ONE SHOT FIGHT ENDERS is on of those little hidden gems that has managed to sneak past the martial arts world. Since we started wearing boxing…

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Defense Against Rear Naked Strangle (and more)

From Self Defense Training System Module 4: Defenses Against Grabs and Holds: REAR NAKED STRANGLE HEAD LOCK SINGLE WRIST GRAB from the REAR DOUBLE WRIST GRAB from the REAR HAIR…

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Why You should Avoid Grappling for Self Defense

I love grappling, I wrestled from 2nd grade to college, I’m a second degree black belt in judo and I even have a blue belt in BJJ…and with all of…

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