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The Best Martial Art for Self Defense is….

People often ask me what martial art to practice to supplement their SDTS Combatives Training. I will say you don’t need this for self defense, but having 3 black belts and ranks…

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History of Self Defense: Fairbairn’s Defendu

History of Self Defense: Fairbairn’s DEFENDUDEFENDU was a complete method of armed and unarmed Close-Quarters Combat. The foundation of the DEFENDU method was rooted in the harsh and brutal realities…

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The 4 Exercise Work Out

A Work Out So Simple it’s Genius.  In the world of Cross-fit, Px90, Body Beast and whatever fad there comes your way, there was a work out that built core…

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You’ll Get KILLED Doing THAT!!

“You’ll Get KILLED Doing THAT!!” is the mantra that every self defense expert or martial artists says who sees ANYTHING that’s not associated with their style or system. According to them…

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