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Top Five U.S. Presidents Who Could Kick A$$

We give a Self Defense Company Salute to those Presidents Who were Name Takers and Policy Makers. 5. John Quincy Adams John was a real outdoorsman. Adams exercised two to…

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Are You Looking for a Way In or a Way Out

Anyone who starts the conversation with “I can’t” “I don’t” or “I won’t” isn’t ready and the conversation is over.  This is what I tell our instructors because you’re either…

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Hate Mail 2020

You can’t please everyone and others…well you just plain piss off. So I would like to take this opportunity to share the love…ENJOY!! “That’s Retarded” I am sorry, this is…

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Self Defense Training System Addict!

Zena Diab, Lebanon Grade 4 SDTS Certified Meet Zena Diab, University Professor and SDTS  “addict”. I’ d been looking for a self- defense system that WORKS for years when i…

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