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History of Self Defense Part 2: W.E. Fairbairn and World War 2 and Defendu

People You Should Know:  W.E. Fairbairn, The Father of Hand to Hand Combat William Ewart Fairbairn (/ˈfɛrbɛrn/; 28 February 1885 – 20 June 1960) was a British soldier and police officer….

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Rape on Campus – Exposing the College Cover Up

I have been teaching Self Defense since 1996. Over the years we have given many self defense seminars and training to colleges and corporations across the country but nothing beyond a one…

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Self Defense Survivor – The Kevin Jones Story

If a Man With No Hands, One Leg and a Colostomy Bag Can Destroy a Mugger with SDTS Combatives – So Can You. To LISTEN to Kevin’s story on the…

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