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Self Defense Company Promotions and Awards February 2019

Self Defense Company Promotions Instructor Level 5 OK Neal, Jr – Instructor George Hutchings Nick Ossorgin – Instructor George Hutchings Instructor Level 3 Duane Huffstutler – Instructor George Hutchings Bry Galganski – Instructor…

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Revelations in Training

There are very few things when it comes to training that give me a REVELATION – I don’t use that term often, if ever – so you need to listen…

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Self Defense Classes New Mexico

Veteran Dedicates Himself to Helping Others to Defend and Protect. “Growing up watching comic book superheroes, I’ve always wanted to be able to protect people, especially those I care about….

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Nick Ossorgin Completes Master Class Training

Barrie, Ontario – Self Defense Company Instructor Nick Ossorgin (Self Defense Company Santa Fe, New Mexico) made the long, cold trip up to the Great White North to attend SDC…

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Self Defense Company Combatives Featured at Movie Premier

February 14, 2019 Beirut Lebanon, – The feature film Alita Battle Angel features some techniques that Self Defense Company Members might recognize. [arve url=”https://youtu.be/32eTp_r87_c” /] In collaboration with VIRGIN and EMPIRE MOVIES, Instructor Mario…

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Self Defense Classes Great Lakes

A good friend once told Sean, “I can’t stand bullies. And I’ve done everything I can my whole life to stand up to them.” This concise truth stood out to…

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Self Defense Training Classes in Chicago, Ill

Lifelong Martial Artist, Multiple Black Belt Holder brings his talents to the Self Defense Company. Meet Self Defense Company Instructor Mark S Hale… “I think it is important to post…

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The Self Defense Company Banned by Udemy

I woke up this morning and discovered that Udemy has banned the Self Defense Company Programs: A couple of years ago, we put a few programs on Udemy to test….

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The Self Defense Company

The Self Defense Company Mission. Our mission is to provide real and practical solutions for anyone who has the will to defend themselves and protect their loved ones against violence…

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