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Autism Fights Back!

Eric Kreutzer and his son Kevin train in the Self Defense Training System. But what makes this father and son team special, is that Kevin is autistic. According to Eric,…

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The Truth About Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee is an icon. An inspiration to Chinese and Asian culture. There’s no denying it – he made martial arts cool and if you were a kid growing up…

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Why Women’s Self Defense is NONSENSE

So you took a women’s self defense class. I’m sure it made you feel good an impowered. I’m sure you and your fellow classmates felt better for taking it. Sorry…

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How to Avoid a Vehicle Ramming Attack

This latest vehicle ramming attack in Charlottesville, Va. is just one of many that have come to inflict mass casualties on innocent victims.  It should come at no surprise that…

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Good Samaritan Stops Mugger

A good Samaritan interrupted a would-be mugger as he pummeled a woman into unconsciousness a block away from her Lower East Side home, officials said Monday. The 61-year-old victim suffered…

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