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The 10 Commandments of Instruction

The 10 Commandments of Instruction I’ve been a few things in my life, but primarily I’m an instructor and a coach – which are exactly the same thing only “Self…

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The Secret of Success is in Your Failures

The Secret of Success is in Your Failures Success equals survival. A successful hunter ate that night, while the ones who failed went hungry. The benefits of success are obvious….

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The Lie 90% of All Gun Owners Tell Themselves

“All I need is a gun for self defense.” More ignorant words have never been spoken. No one doubts the effectiveness of a firearm, but to think that all you need…

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Self Defense for people with disabilities

Self Defense with disabilities. We all have disabilities in some way. There are somethings we can do very well and other things, well…not so much. That’s just the way we’re…

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History of Self Defense Part 4: Charlie Nelson

People you Should Know: Charlie Nelson Written By Eric Thorsen When you think of New York City, do you think of the Statue of Liberty or maybe even the colorful…

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Deadly “Concealed Carry” Myth (BUSTED!)

Deadly “Concealed Carry” Myth (BUSTED!) I just watched a tactical firearm training video that really made me shake my head in disbelief. I can’t believe that so many “expert” firearm…

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Self Defense Video Break Down: Girl Fight

Girl drops guy with judo throw Seoi Nage and he gets knocked the F#CK OUT!  [youtube id=”5CiUGrNyZKc”] Next time someone tells you you fight like a girl, tell them “I…

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