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Self Defense Classes in West Michigan

Self Defense Company now forming classes in West Michigan Firefighter, Paramedic and Private Investigator is now holding self defense classes in the Evart, MI area. Self Defense Company Instructor Sean…

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Instructor Promotions December 2018

The Self Defense Company is Proud to announce the following Instructor Promotions Dr. Carl Welliver Level 5 Boston, MA Area Self Defense Company of Greater Boston 38 Montvale Ave *…

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Find Your Inner Bully in 2019

My wife and I recently brought two of our granddaughters into our home in response to low-grade sexual assault of them. Some half-wits who only half know me declared, “HE’S…

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Kill or Be Killed Podcast: Be Your Own Cop

Be your own Cop — Be your own Bodyguard — Be Your Own Hitman In this episode of the Kill or Be Killed Podcast Director of Instructor Development George Hutchings…

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Elite Member Spotlight: Richard Turner

How to Kick Ass with Only One Leg. Meet Rich Turner who at the age of 18 months lost his leg in a riding lawnmower accident. Since then Rich was bullied…

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