Self Defense Classes in West Michigan

Self Defense Classes in West Michigan

Self Defense Company now forming classes in West Michigan

Firefighter, Paramedic and Private Investigator is now holding self defense classes in the Evart, MI area.

Self Defense Company Instructor Sean Duffy, now holding classes in West Michigan.

A good friend once told Sean, “I can’t stand bullies. And I’ve done everything I can my whole life to stand up to them.” This truth influenced Self Defense Company Instructor Sean Duffy profoundly.

From schoolyard bullies, and bullies in the workplace, to criminals (who also are bullies of another sort), Sean finds this behavior unacceptable. He also knows that it takes more than mere words to stop it. Feel-good speeches and posters don’t stop it. 

Ultimately it was this mindset that lead Sean to The Self Defense Company. Sean had previously trained in law enforcement defensive tactics, was a defensive tactics instructor at his department, and trained in Tae Kwon Do. 

After giving up Tae Kwon Do following a cross-country move with no dojo in his new town, Sean began looking for something else. He realized that Tae Kwon Do, although enjoyable, was not moving him closer to his goal of true self defense. He also realized that with his busy schedule, even if a dojo had been close by he didn’t have the time to spend going to class to earn a black belt. Sean needed real solutions, on his terms and schedule. This is when he found the Self Defense Training System (SDTS)

Sean began training in the SDTS in 2014. After just a few lessons Sean was impressed with the system and gained very real, practical skills and confidence in the system. But that isn’t where the story ends; in fact, it really is only the beginning.

Sean stopped training in the SDTS. He kept his Elite membership, but life got busy as it has a tendency to do, and Sean put his SDTS training on the shelf. But that is one of the greatest things about the system.

A year or so later when Sean decided to do some more training and as expected, the SDTS was still there, waiting for him.


Sean was able to jump right back into the training and pick up where he left off with just a quick refresher. 

This experience with the SDTS convinced Sean to become an instructor in the system. 

“It’s intuitive,” Sean said about SDTS. “It is a system that hones skills and really teaches a person to work with what their natural instinct already is. The basic movements and basic goals never change. This system truly levels the playing field and allows anyone to build a solid foundation in self defense without spending years chasing a black belt and regardless of age, physical ability or gender.”

Sean currently serves as a Firefighter/Paramedic, is a Private Investigator, and has formerly worked in law enforcement and private security. Sean is a Certified Protection Officer (CPO), a graduate of the Gang Specialist Academy, and Fire Investigator, among other credentials. 

Sean is looking forward to bringing the top-notch training of The Self Defense Company to the Great Lakes state with the formation of The Self Defense Company of West Michigan. 


Congratulations Sean and welcome to the SDC TEAM!!


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  1. Thanks guys!! I’m glad to be a part of the instructor team, and looking forward to introducing more people to the awesome SDC curriculum and training!

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