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This is how we know you’re a moron – The Truth about Guns and Self Defense

No one can deny that a gun can be an effective means of self defense (no kidding) but the reality is the opportunity to use a firearm in self defense…

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SDTS Member Spotlight Ed Kizun: Inspiration Personified

Hi, my name is Ed Kizun and I am an SDTS Elite member.  It seems some of you need a strong-shot of morale. Look, I’m no big deal, ok?  I was…

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There are no words

This one was too close to home… Yesterday I received a call from my close friend who’s daughter is a freshman at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. SHE…

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I was attacked by two guys!

Hi Damian, Your videos are amazing. Simple,but so efficient. I had an awful experience a few years ago. I was attacked by 2 guys. A big guy (about 2 meters high) was behind…

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I’m 67 and have never been in a fight…why do I need self defense?

“Mr. Ross, I am a 67 year old grandfather that hasn`t been in a altercation with a human since junior high school (although I came very close to punching the…

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Momentum and the Forward Drive

The three pillars of  self defense are POSITION, DISTANCE and MOMENTUM. Position is where you are in relation to the threat. Distance is how far you are from the threat….

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