This is How We Know You're a Moron - Truth about Guns and Self Defense

This is how we know you’re a moron – The Truth about Guns and Self Defense

This is how we know you’re a moron – The Truth about Guns and Self Defense

No one can deny that a gun can be an effective means of self defense (no kidding) but the reality is the opportunity to use a firearm in self defense is EXTREMELY limited. You’re going to discover that you still need a well rounded approach to protecting yourself and your loved ones if you’re going to actually go out of your home and interact with the public in a normal capacity.

God bless my social media team…day in and day out they deal with intelligent people like James…


“Dont rely on weapons? A .45cal will make sure he dont get close enough.” – James Dunn Facebook Message to the SDC.


If you really are the type of person to take a life in ANY self defense situation and you post about it on social media for all the world to see…YOU’RE A MORON.

Now before I continue, you should know…

  • I own guns
  • I had a conceal carry permit in the state I call the Republic of New Jersey
  • My family and I shoot on a regular basis.

That being said…when it comes to self defense, I only speak the truth based on my training, experience, the overwhelming amount of research and statistics along with good old COMMON SENSE.

When I worked while carrying a firearm, it was always a CONCERN since there’s the possibility of losing control of the weapon. THERE ARE NO 100% guarantees on how good your holster is or even how good your training is and more times than most, the weapon stayed in it’s holster.

There is also no 100% foolproof way to defend yourself…however there are DEFINITELY ways to protect yourself that dramatically increase your chances of survival and I would MUCH rather die trying that, instead of something something stupid.

When I see posts like this from guys (and gals) like James crowing about how “all they need is a gun” it only illustrates how naive they are when it comes to real interpersonal violence.

Seriously…when do you pull your weapon James…

When you argue with a store clerk over a bill?

When someone approaches you and asks you for directions or spare change?

When someone stands behind you at the ATM?

When someone pushes you?

When someone punches you in the face?

At what point do you use deadly force and END SOMEONE’S LIFE?

Oh, provided that you actually hit them with every shot and they go down….

Remember this video…

Officer Mitchell hit him with everything and he had and he still kept coming. You can talk all you want about caliber of weapon, but there is ALWAYS A CHANCE that the guy will keep coming…and then what?

THERE ARE NO GUARANTEES and unlike the movies, people get shot and stabbed and survive EVERYDAY.

How do most people die from GSW? They bleed out. And depending on where you hit ’em it could be minutes to hours.

So there’s still a great chance of this happening even if you…

  • Draw your weapon
  • Get him lined up
  • Empty your magazine into him

Oh, and that’s not easy to do, even for seasoned vets.

But that’s not even my point yet (yes, I got more).

Let’s look at what actually happens in your run of the mill, garden variety simple assault. Put yourself in the “seasoned” gentleman’s shoes.

If you’re a “ALL I NEED IS A GUN” kind of person…what would you have done in this situation?

At what point in this fight do you draw your weapon and kill this guy? 

There’s an old saying…

If ll you had was a hammer then everything in the world would look like a nail.

So if all you depend on is a gun for self defense, you’re going to be more likely to use it at the WRONG TIME than if you had other appropriate alternatives. 

Now I know there are some people who will say this old man was “lucky”.

These people are also morons because statistically, this man was in MODERATE danger. 

First, no one should put their hands on you…EVER. And everytime they do you risk injury or death. Even if they push you and you trip and crack your skull open on the concrete – they may not have MEANT to kill you, but you’re still dead.

That being said, most people’s intentions are not to KILL. People usually stop attacking when you fight back.  After that first initial 5-30 seconds, it’s over and there’s no need to KILL anyone.

However, you still don’t want to be a human punching bag. If this kid connected with a few good shots, that could have changed the old man’s life. Any damage to his vision or brain would have seriously affected his quality of life…some sore knuckles won’t :)

Imagine if you pulled your weapon and killed or seriously injured this poor (stupid) kid.

Forget the court and the legal fees…HOW WOULD YOU FEEL?

This isn’t an attempted rape, or murder, or combat…this is a simple assault and it was handled appropriately.

But our buddy James would have just SHOT HIM WITH HIS TRUSTED .45!

As a gun owner and an advocate of responsible gun ownership I find these statements detrimental to the cause. It’s no wonder the liberal left goes nuts because at least 10 times a day one of you morons posts how you will just shoot yourself out of any situation.

Yes, grown men and women freely admitting to killing other humans over the SLIGHTEST altercation.

Not only does this attitude reflect an intelligence level usually found in kelp – it demonstrates a SEVERE lack of understanding as to what violence is and how it actually happens.

Not everything is BLACK OR WHITE, in fact it’s mostly gray and charcoal. Some things might not appear to be a problem can quickly escalate while others may look dangerous are actually nothing at all.

And knowing the difference comes from proper training, common sense and experience. Nothing more.

How often would you REALLY be justified in using a firearm to protect yourself? 

It’s hard to say for sure, but we can get a good idea based on report from the US Department of Justice.
Report here: 

First a few definitions (YAY).

Simple assault – Attack without a weapon resulting either in no injury, minor injury (for example, bruises, black eyes, cuts, scratches or swelling) or in undetermined injury requiring less than 2 days of hospitalization. Also includes attempted assault without a weapon.

Aggravated assault – Attack or attempted attack with a weapon, regardless of whether or not an injury occurred and attack without a weapon when serious injury results

  • With injury – An attack without a weapon when serious injury results or an attack with a weapon involving any injury. Serious injury includes broken bones, lost teeth, internal injuries, loss of consciousness, and any unspecified injury requiring two or more days of hospitalization
  • Threatened with a weapon – Threat or attempted attack by an offender armed with a gun, knife, or other object used as a weapon, not resulting in victim injury.

Out of all reported violent street crime in 2015:

Note: they don’t add up to 100% (it’s 98%) because the numbers are rounded.

62% is simple assualt
16% is aggravated assault
11% is robbery
9% is Rape or Sexual Assault

What you don’t see is how those aggravated assaults evolved. It’s been my experience that if the act is NOT premeditated the aggravated assault ESCALATED from a simple assault. But there’s no data on that, so I really can’t comment any further.

As it sits, 3 out of 5 times you will have to defend yourself without a weapon…3 out of 5!!!

Add to that the reality of your situation starting as a disagreement and that number goes up. So while you think your gun will solve everything it only solves a few things.

Oh and did you notice that if even you threaten with your firearm YOU could be charged with aggravated assault.  So even pointing your weapon opens you up for litigation.

At the end of the day, if you pull your weapon you better be DEAD SURE that you can justify it in court. And that typically happens if the target has a firearm or you’ve already been severely beaten. 

Hey, you can live your life off the grid, never go out, piss in plastic jugs and never let anyone within 20 feet of you. But for the rest of us who have actual lives that include going to the occasional game, concert or grocery store – we plan and prepare accordingly.

Self defense isn’t martial arts, it’s a tactical and practical response to violence. It encompasses awareness, avoidance, empty hand and the use of weapons. You don’t need to be a super ninja to protect yourself but you do need a plan with the ability to adapt your current physical state to defending yourself.

Think of self defense as a highway – exit 1 is awareness and avoidance, exit 50 is escape and evasion and exit 100 is domination and control. You can get off at SDTS Module 4 or Module 12, the choice is yours as to how far you want to take it.

Self defense secret – you’re not really defending yourself against the attacker…you’re competing against everyone else in the world. For every person like you there are hundreds who walk around clueless. THOSE are the people who will be chosen first. 

When you prepare you have confidence and you carry yourself differently. The bad guy makes a split second decision and looks past you. It’s as simple as that.

Don’t ever rely on weapons – YOU ARE THE WEAPON.

What you have in your hand at the time is just a tool.

Train Honestly,


P.S. If the title insulted you – well, now you know what rational people are thinking about you.

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Published by Damian (Instructor)

Founder, The Self Defense Company

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  1. I agree completely. Even though I am a martial artist, in a fight anything and everything is fair game. It is better not to have to deal with a gun, if someone is harressing you. I was taught to be on yellow alert.

    1. Right. Anyone who takes a realistic approach to personal protection has to accept this fact. What pisses me off (obviously) are the chuckleheads who think everything can be solved with a gun.

      As a gun owner, I take offense to this.

  2. Absolutely the best explanation of “the truth” I’ve ever seen. You’re right on and thank you. I’ll be passing this on.

  3. You are the weapon sounds great, but if a person is not into routine advanced personal self defense training, not sure how that’s implemented by the average person; especially, if in the senior years?
    Thank you

    1. Hi Jim, it sounds like you don’t know exactly what we do here.

      This is EXACTLY for the average (and below) average person. I think we have enough examples of that on the site.

      First, this isn’t martial arts…self defense isn’t martial arts and SHOULDN’T be about martial arts.

      Self defense is survival and that starts with awareness and escape and evasion. Then there’s weapons training and a whole host of other things you can do to level the playing field.

      Also, you need to get rid of the notion of “defeating all attackers” – again something promoted by martial arts which is impractical and unrealistic. Yet they do it to get you to train longer and more often.

      If you know how to walk into a room, size up the situation and decide to leave – you just defended yourself.

      If you are approached and realize it’s a set up and you escape – you just defended yourself.

      If someone comes into your space and you get them to pause with some pepper spray (or bug spray) – you just defended yourself.

      These are things that don’t require great physical skill…or any for that matter and minimal training.

      “Fighting” is the last resort and when that happens, you’re going to cheat like hell.

  4. Suggestions for 63 year old small framed person 170 lbs. Has fast hands in a martial arts quick pull punches or pull floppy hands in no particular order but just looks fast with hands flaying away is a good distraction. But with that said, how or what could the next suggestion be to do for a follow up or to end the situation?

    1. HA—I have NO IDEA MAN!!!

      And anyone who attempts to give you a specific answer is full of shit.

      You do whatever gives you the tactical advantage at the time based on your position and distance to the threat and your current resources (weapons, skill set, avenues of escape).

      To tell you do A, B and C is ridiculous.

      Ending the situation can be anything from running away to running him over with your car.

      That being said, start with 60 Minute Self Defense or Module one of the SDTS and you will learn how to break any situation down to it’s common denominator factors and discover what you can do specifically.

      Then you don’t need to ask me what to do, you will know.

  5. Gentlemen, speaking from field experience in “RED ZONES”, owning a gun or a rifle is NEVER enough even Kevlar or a 12 ton armored suburban. That’s why we always conduct combat courses at the range like shooting from cover, vehicles etc and learn defensive tactical driving etc because your best bet is finding “SOLID” cover and getting away from the threat ASAP when “shit hits the fan” OR you can reassess the threat in order to be able to work another strategy to gain that tactical advantage, but that barely happens. I truly believe that the SDC mindset can be implemented and beneficial anywhere wether you’re breaching a room, going for a walk or escorting a principal.

    Mr. Ross, I couldn’t have said it in any better way. Keep the TRUTH coming!

    Your fellow Sheepdog,

    Mario Karam Jr.
    SDC Instructor, Lebanon

    1. I recently met two EMTs who witnessed a felon who had been shot 5 times in the torso, 9mm close range, then he WALKED HIMSELF to their ambulance. And, they said it wasn’t their first event like that.

      1. Yes – absolutely correct. One of my LEO buddies in Florida had a store clerk shoot a guy in the heart with a .45. Guy ran about a half mile before he dropped dead.

        Crazy – but it happens.

  6. God read. I spent my teen years living on the streets in Phx. AS. I’ve been in more than my share of scraps. Gang members, white supremacists, school bullies, abusers, you name it. I gotten my ass kicked more times probably as not. After gaining first hand experience of the difference between beating, getting beaten, and the long term effects of using a gun…even tho i might not feel like it at the moment or even a week or 2 down the road, there are some things that change you forever.
    I’d rather a straight up street fight with bad odds knowing how to walk away, than a firearm used when not truly needed. More times than not, your better off fighting than shooting.
    I’m 100% for our 2 A rights, but there’s a time and a place. Most times aren’t the place.

    1. Yes – absolutely correct. One of my LEO buddies in Florida had a store clerk shoot a guy in the heart with a .45. Guy ran about a half mile before he dropped dead.

      Crazy – but it happens.

  7. One glaring thing was also the verbal escalation and ego posturing instead of being calm and making space. Each person worked themself up and the other person. It literally was preventable. Good thing neither was armed with a gun.

    What’s wrong with trying to be nice to people? :) Some people are “offended” by everything, good grief.

    Also did you hear the woman filming inciting the black man to whip that whitey up (something like that). It looked like dumb junior high interactions.

    Thank you Damian and SDTS for your training modules and thought scenarios.

  8. I an old. The body weakens and will not perform as when younger Thus an equalizer is essential for safe travel anywhere, and a handy non-lethal device should always be used when possible; probably there won’t be time to worry about a gun, much less use it effectively. As for “empty hands,” I gave that up for a combat cane. Minimal training required; movements are natural even for the old, and the weapon is always at hand. I promise you you do not want to attack me at least if I can see it coming, as you will be hurt beyond belief no matter what I go for. The idea always is to change the attacker’s mind from you to him. Just seeing the cane I carry discourages some who don’t even know why it’s designed as it is. Be safe; be smart, and follow the Damien’s advice and carry the weapon which is appropriate for you. I also carry a pistol. The cane buys me time to access the pistol, although it likely won’t be needed.

  9. The taking of another life, even in a self-defense by the use of a firearm is not something that should be taken lightly. To post such a comment on social media is beyond stupid, it is borderline idiotic. As a certified NRA gun safety instructor, I feel the need to emphasize one of the basic gun safety rules. Never aim a gun at something you are not willing to destroy. This includes another human’s life.

    The ending of another’s life opens you up to all sorts of liability both criminally (facing possible prosecution) and civilly (potential lawsuits from the family of your victim). And posting a claim such as “A .45cal will make sure he don’t get close enough.” on a social media platform clearly states your intention and would surely lead a liberal district attorney hoping to advance their career with a gun hating voting public to prosecute you for the crime, whether it was self-defense or not. The old adage that you are innocent until proven guilty is a crock in today’s society if you end the life of another human being with a firearm you better know that at a bare minimum you are going to have to prove your innocence in a court of law.

    Now, of course, having been trained in various methods of self-defense I would much rather if put in such a situation disable or even eliminate a threat by use of any other tool as opposed to a gun. Heck, you can disable a street thug with a water bottle and never have to worry about having to prove you acted in self-defense.

    1. Thanks for posting Carl – yes (hence the MORON comment) posting on social media about killing another human being is something I can’t wrap my head around. Yet if you look at our promoted posts, I guarantee about 20 times a day, someone posts that comment.

      And you’re right, check out Module 11 :)

  10. I am a combat veteran of 4 deployments. I have shot soldiers with .30 and .45 cal bullets, and they kept coming. I have been shot with .30 cal bullets, and I went on to win the encounter. Review the EMTs comments: even NRA instructors will tell you that good, experienced shooters miss in the heat of a stressed moment. Deputy sheriffs will spray and shoot an attacker, and the attacker keeps coming. I do wonder if PCP or meth were factors . . . keep practicing the STDS modules. My skills cannot be detected by a metal detector. I can pass a metal detector without giving up any of my skills. Don’t give up your skills! Give up your idea that a gun will protect you in all cases.

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