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Self Defense Training in Barrie, Ontario Canada

Self Defense Training in Barrie, Ontario Canada

Self Defense Company Director of Instructor Development George Hutchings of Barrie, Ontario.

George has been with the Self Defense Company for over 8 years. He came on board as an Instructor in 2011 and hasn’t looked back.

Truth is, George is tough and smart – and while he may look scary…he’s actually a really nice guy and accomplished instructor.

In fact, George wasn’t born a “bad ass”. When I met him in 2011 he was tough, but wasn’t in great shape and to look at him…you wouldn’t have ever imagined he would grow into the man you see today.

George started training and teaching the SDTS. From there he started getting control of his diet, then it gave him the confidence to push further, even traveling to Thailand and Germany for more training and certifications. In fact George is always looking for ways to improve his teaching and his skill.

In fact, he’s been so successful that we appointed him head on Instructor Development in 2015.

Over the last several years, George has been teaching students and developing instructors to build their self defense business. 

The good news is, George still takes the time to teach both in person and online in the SDC training portal. 

Instructor Hutchings at a glance: 

    • Level 5 SDC Instructor
    • Director of Instructor Development
    • Black Belt and Krav Maga certified instructor
    • Black Belt in Kickboxing
    • Muay Thai instructor
    • GC Tactical Use of Force Instructor
    • Police Combatives Instructor

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  1. Hi there. What is the youngest age you will take for training.

    I have a 4.5 year old daughter and I would like to sign her up for a self defense training and your courses/training seems like the best fit for what I am looking for.

    1. Hi Julian — way too young.

      She really doesn’t have or need the physical or cognitive skills you understand what’s going on. She shouldn’t have to.

      Let her play and relax, at this stage in her life caregivers NEED the training.

      Typically when they’re from anywhere from 7 to 10 they can start grappling combat sports like judo, bjj, or wrestling. This is very controlled and is actually healthy for them.

      At that 7-12 you can start with FAMILY SAFE – You show them and help them with those 6 rules. That’s it, when they get over 12 they can start with something like 60 minute self defense, SDTS module 1 or the Fast Course.

      But now…keep her safe, protect her and let her NOT THINK ABOUT IT.

    2. I know this is weird but maybe try Qigong or even yoga, this will give her flexibility which can give her some advantage

    1. Mitchel

      All my teaching locally is either done through workshops and seminars or private lessons. I’m located between Barrie and Angus but no longer teach regular group classes. Feel free to reach out to me directly if you’d like to discuss training options

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